Air crash in Malaga Spain

Malaga Spain - DC-10's were becoming increasingly suspect.

September 13, 1982 – Tragedy In Malaga – No Wrong-Doing For Donovan – Westmoreland Wants A Cool $120 Million –

Air crash in Malaga Spain
Malaga Spain – DC-10’s were becoming increasingly suspect.

September 13, 1982 – CBS News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 13, 1982 – Busy news day – with reports of a Chartered DC-10 crashing on takeoff on a flight bound for New York from Malaga Spain, filled with returning American tourists. As the hours passed, and the newscasts updated each hour, the death toll steadily increased as questions were arising over just what was going on with DC-10’s. The tragedy in Malaga was one of what would be many such crashes involving DC-10’s – but only time would tell. As of this day, it was shock and rescue.

And the saga of Labor Secretary Raymond Donovan continued. This time the Grand Jury in New York returned a verdict that it could find no basis to support any claim that Donovan was linked to Organized crime. In clearing Donovan for a second time, the Federal Grand Jury looked into seven new allegations of wrong-doing by the Labor Secretary when he helped to direct a New Jersey construction company prior to being named to the Reagan Cabinet. Again, on each allegation Special Prosecutor Leon Silverman said “no credible evidence could be developed to indict Donovan”. In fact, the letter Silverman sent to the U.S. Court of Appeals, along with the new report noted that one of the central witnesses in the case admitted, after Silverman had filed his original report the previous June, that he lied on seventeen allegations against Raymond Donovan. Donovan was angry and was getting ready to hold a news conference later on in the day to elaborate.

And CBS Was vigorously defending its position against former Vietnam-era General William Westmoreland, amid allegations in a recently aired Documentary that Westmorelend falsified casualty claims of both Viet-Cong dead and American Military dead as well as numbers of enemy troop strength. Westmoreland, who commanded troops in Vietnam said the CBS claims were false and that he was libelled and was seeking $120 million in damages.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on, this September 13, 1982 as reported by CBS News On The Hour.

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