Youth Has Doubts
And you aren't so sure about much of anything, even 1979.

It’s 1978 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager And Captain Organic Has A Few Words For You

Youth Has Doubts

And you aren’t so sure about much of anything, even 1979.

KROQ – Captain Organic – August 19, 1978 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Face it; 1978 was not a sure thing. You were a diehard Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull fan. But all of a sudden, music sounds like it’s changing. The radio isn’t playing Zeppelin as much anymore; maybe Stairway To Heaven three times a day was a bit much. But still, all this different music, safety pins, Mohawks and ripped t-shirts – not so sure about all that.

Even radio isn’t the same – what’s happening with the world? Your friends keep telling you about Madame Wong’s in Chinatown and all these bands you’ve never heard of. And even the radio is playing bands you’ve never heard of. You’re not even 18 and you miss “the good old days” – you grew up with Kiss. You had your first crush on Linda Ronstadt. And now it’s Lene Lovich? Not so sure about that.

So this is what it feels like to get old? Nobody talks about Disco anymore. Well . . .you admit you were never a fan anyway – you couldn’t really wrap your head around Polyester shirts and dancing. Platform shoes were cool – you still have yours, the white patent leather pair that cost you almost a months allowance to get – you had to go all the way to Hollywood Boulevard to get them, because your local Gallenkamps didn’t stock shoes like that.

Your friends are starting to change; some of them. One of your friends cut off all his hair; “down to the wood” as he called it. One of the girls you know did too. She got sent home for wearing ripped up jeans and a leather jacket, “not proper school attire” they called it.

And you wonder if it would be painful to pierce your mouth with safety pins.

And as a reminder – here is an hour’s worth of “the all new KROQ” from August 19, 1978 hosted by Captain Organic.

Get ready.

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4 Responses

  1. Barbara Cadranel says:

    For sure. Well put!

  2. I did. Brilliant. Enlightens me.

  3. Sally Starbuck says:

    Captain Organic aka Andrew Harrison. He was also at KNAC in Long Beach and heard as “Andrew Bond” with Rick Dees in his “Cast of Idiots” at KIIS FM. Currently heard on non-com KSKQ in Ashland, Oregon.