Ghost Transmission

Ghost Transmission - Spanish for Shoegaze.

Ghost Transmission In Session – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders Edition

Ghost Transmission
Ghost Transmission – Spanish for Shoegaze.

Ghost Transmission – in Session for RNE Radio 3, Madrid – Sept. 24, 2018 – Radio Nacional España –

Ghost Transmission – a taste of Spanish Indie/Shoegaze tonight. Together since 2012 but not all that well known outside of their native Spain.

For the curious – they have a pretty good bio on el Genio Equivicado (their label) – gist translation, so be careful:

Ghost Transmission is a group from Xàtiva (Valencia) currently consisting of Miriam , Tatxo and Pep , although during the life of the group other members have passed like Pep or Borja  (of the also Setabenses Siberian Wolves ).

Ghost Transmission started in 2012 and from the beginning they were clear that they wanted to take the group forward in the most professional way possible. The summer of that year, and taking advantage of the holidays, they locked themselves in the house of Tatxo’s parentsto record some songs, without any pretension that they could be heard through the networks and that people began to know them as a band. The recording was very home, but allowed to play in Barcelona (with just a concert backs) within the initiative Make Noise of Converse .

The following summer they would repeat the process and they went to record three other songs, already with a more defined sound and sounding more like Ghost Transmission . Same modus operandi, just as homemade, but with the clearest ideas. Both recordings can be found on their bandcamp page and can be downloaded for free.

After a few months playing here and there, they would save some money and in the summer of 2014 they decide to go into a studio for the first time. They decided on Tigruss Studios , in Gandía, because they fell in love with all their analogue material and because the proximity allowed them to return home every night. From that recording time was born ” Apparitions “, which will be the debut album of Ghost Transmission and what it meant to them to publish in a label, The Wrong Genius , that for a long time had taken their eyes.

In 2016, without any hurry, recorded in the mini studio of Jorge Martí Climent (in his house in Xàtiva) which will be the second official record. The tranquility of recording it on a low fire meant letting the songs breathe and evolve alone. The composition of most of the themes was based on small rhythmic or harmonic loops on which they were introducing or adding parts. This marked the address of the disk. It is recorded in its entirety without amplifiers and with digital rhythmic bases, which means a huge change from the previous work that was completely analog. In ” Echoes”, Which would be released in March 2017. They have used new sound elements such as synthesizers, drum machines, low moog or digital percussion that have made it sound brighter and less dense than” Apparitions “.

And there you have it – A band to keep an eye out for. But unless they make it to SXSW or one of the hardcore Indie Showcases which dot the U.S. you might not catch them here. Still, a band to bookmark their Bandcamp page to keep tabs on.

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