L.A. In 1979

It's The Brave New World And you inherited it.

It’s November 4, 1979 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Dyed Your Hair White And Your Social Life Is Kinetic – And You Believe What Rodney Tells You

L.A. In 1979
It’s The Brave New World And you inherited it sight unseen. Photo: John Brian King

KROQ – Rodney On The Roq – November 4,1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Even though you’ve been hearing about it, knew there was “something” going on – this was the year you found it. This was the year you marched down to the Barber and asked for a buzz-cut – or had your girlfriend, who was handy with a pair of scissors and was tinkering with hair dye, get spiky on you and dye your hair so you looked like a laboratory mouse.

The bellbottoms went to Goodwill, so did the Polyester shirts, platform shoes and any jacket with wide lapels. The New You was about to emerge; jeans, white t-shirt and either Doc Martens High tops or boots from The Supply Sergeant on Santa Monica Boulevard, to the Brave New World of 1979.

Your social life was going to become a lot more tactile – you discovered the Mosh Pit – and so far you’ve got two black eyes, a bloody nose and your wrist doesn’t seem to be working so well anymore. The week before you went to The Starwood to see The Plugz and got soaked in beer. You loved it and you don’t think you’re going to wash your shirt for another month. Somebody did throw up on your Doc Martens though. Looks a lot like Chicken Fried Rice and it’ll take a year to get the little bits of pre-digested rice out.

You’ve been thinking of changing your name; Johnny Malice has a nice ring to it and you’re thinking of maybe starting a band. You played Clarinet in Junior High – maybe you could swap that for a bass. One of your buddies plays drums and your girlfriend plays guitar – she’s already been in a couple bands and knows the booker at The Whiskey.

Lots of possibilities, and they are all turbo-charged. And on most school nights, heaven on earth is The Atomic Café. You’ve found your tribe – you are with your people.

Now if you could just hurry up and graduate. . . .

Have a listen to an hour’s worth of Rodney On The Roq from November 4, 1979, featuring a phone call from Joey Ramone and an interview with Geza X.

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