1. thanks for more raeburn. as a fan since ever i´m in trouble with the discographical details of this recording: accordig to garrod and korst discography, zephyrhills, 1985 they are from february/march 1944 (01.03.44); but it seems that this is a compilation of different broadcasts.
    anyway, thanks a lot for bringing back mr. boyd raeburn, one of the first “modern” big bands.
    keep boppin´

    • This came via the One Night Stand series via AFRS – it’s very possible (listening to some of the “edits”) that it’s a few broadcasts in one, which I believe AFRS wasn’t adverse to doing. If I could nail down the original CBS Radio discs I would probably be able to find out for certain. But 1944 means they were no doubt cut on glass an the chances of their survival after some 70 years is a bit remote – I’ve seen way too many boxes of smashed discs in my travels. But I will post more Raeburn over the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned!

  2. thanks, i know it´s a lot of trouble with afrs recordings and their different outputs. anyway, thanks a lot for any issue of boyd raeburn!!! and i´m anxious awaiting new music in the future!

    keep boppin´

  3. Hi Gordon,
    I had several of the Standard Radio 16″ transcriptions. The founder of Standard was my grandad, Gerald King. At one point I was trying to make an archive, but it’s just too daunting for me.

    • Yes, a daunting gold mine. A lot of great recordings though, and a lot that haven’t seen the light of day since they were first issued.

  4. Whatever years they’re from they are excellent Raeburn recordings even if there’s an occasional ‘wobble’
    Many thanks,

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