Oasis - With two of the world's best loved dysfunctional family members.

Oasis – Glastonbury 1995 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

Oasis – With two of the world’s best loved dysfunctional family members.

Oasis – Live At Glastonbury 1995 – June 23, 1995 – BBC Radio 1 –

Oasis in concert from the 1995 Glastonbury festival this weekend. One of the bands that helped define the British Rock scene from the early 90s onwards (otherwise known as Britpop – a name I can’t stand). A lot has been written about them – a lot of comparisons have been drawn about them – everyone from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin, if you really have to draw a comparison.

Oasis were a force unto themselves – forget about the famously dysfunctional relationship between the brothers Gallagher, Oasis came along at a time when the 90s were in need of that extra push – that element which would take it over the finish line, something to re-establish Britain as the creative center for contemporary Rock. And they did it. Oasis felt right at home on U.S. radio – Some Might Say, Don’t Look Back In Anger and Roll With It became anthems of a sort.

And despite the famously contrived rivalry between Oasis and Blur, they represented the giant next step in the evolution of the genre; one we’re still processing and one which has proven very influential over the ensuing years.

This 1995 Glastonbury appearance puts the band at their peak. Despite all the carping and fist-fights between Noel and Liam, they put the sharp sticks down long enough to turn in some magnetic and engrossing live performances, of which this is one.

And even though there have been rumors and speculation about a reunion of the brothers and the original lineup of Oasis getting back together, the chances are unlikely – and in the case of Noel, pretty unnecessary at the moment. I don’t know if you’ve had the change to check out High Flying Birds, but Noel as a solo artist has been doing surprisingly (or not surprisingly) well. With three albums all in the top 10, it’s almost a case of better-off-without-you, at least for now.

Whatever eventually transpires, or if it’s left up to devoting reams of paper and endless words based on “what-if’s”, Oasis will always be regarded as the band that put it all in motion – and that will never go away.

In case you missed them the first time around, or if Glastonbury from 1995 has become a faded memory, here’s a reminder.

Play loud.

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