Winter- A fan base in Brazil and Japan - and who says Indie isn't international?

Winter In Session – 2016 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Winter- A fan base in Brazil and Japan – and who says Indie isn’t international?

Winter- In session for Audiotree – June 18, 2016 – Audiotree

Another L.A. band tonight – well . . . .again, not entirely a born-and-bred in L.A. band, but rather a band that came together in another city, eventually came to L.A. and stayed.

Winter, aside from being a solo artist also fronts a band with her namesake – the one we’re playing tonight.

Samira Winter was born in Curitiba, Brazil, to a Brazilian mother and an American father. She moved to Los Angeles, California, in order to get into college. Her band, Winter, named after her last name, was conceived in Boston in 2012, and they soon released their first EP, “Daydreaming”, on the next year, through Lolipop Records. The 4-track EP consists of dreamy-pop, indie rock compositions written by Winter. The band’s next release was 2014’s “Tudo Azul”, also a 4-track EP; mostly of the lyrics on this release are sang on Portuguese.

Winter’s debut album, “Supreme Blue Dream”, was released on March 10, 2015. Even though the album had moderate commercial success, it was critically acclaimed and spawned three singles: “Some Kind of Surprise”, “Crazy” and “Pretender”, all of whom had music videos released. The band embarked on a 2-year international tour to support the album, touring mostly through the USA, Brazil and Argentina.

Between 2016 and 2018, while still touring to support Supreme Blue Dream, Winter released several singles with accompanying music videos, including “All the Things You Do”, “Jaded” and “Dreaming”. The latter has reached over 200,000 plays on Spotify, becoming the band’s most successful song so far. Meanwhile, the Winter band was joined by American duo Summer Twins, formed by sisters Chelsea and Justine Brown.

Winter’s second studio album, “Ethereality”, was announced in February 2018, and was released on April 6, 2018. “Ethereality” also marks the debut release by Everything Blue Records, Winter’s official record label.

While working with the Winter band, Samira also gave birth to a solo project entitled “Samira’s Infinite Summer” in mid-2015. All of the demos for the project were recorded on Samira’s bedroom and posted on Samira’s Infinite Summer’s Bandcamp page. A studio-recorded single, “Café”, was released on December 2016 and promoted mainly through the Brazilian press, since its lyrics were written in Portuguese. However, the project’s Facebook and Bandcamp pages were deactivated in 2017.

This session was done for Audiotree on June 18, 2016.

A dose of L.A. Dreamscape.

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