Arlette Zola

Arlette Zola - Yé-Yé made a lasting impression on most of Europe and the world in general.

Two By Arlette Zola – 1965/1967 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

Arlette Zola
Arlette Zola – Yé-Yé made a lasting impression on most of Europe and the world in general.

Arlette Zola – Le Suis Folle De Tant T’aimer (1965) – Mathématique élémentaire – 1967 – Disque AZ

A taste of Yé-Yé tonight by way of Arlette Zola. Haven’t heard of her? Well. . . . (via a fansite – gist translation)

Arlette Zola was born on 29 April 1949 under the civil name Arlette Jaquet in Freiburg. Her mother and stepfather ran the Restaurant de la Grand-Fontaine. There she sang as a child for the guests and played the guitar. The driving force behind her career was her stepfather, René Quazzola, whose surname derives from the pseudonym ‘Zola’. He financed Arlette Zola’s first record and made contacts with the music industry. The result was a record deal with the Paris brand ‘Disc AZ’. End of 1966, the single “Elles sont coquines” (incidentally, no own composition, as noted on the plate, but written by Henri Baeriswyl, who later became music professor at the conservatory of Freiburg). With “Elles sont coquines” Arlette Zola managed the commercial breakthrough. In 1967 followed “Deux garçons pour une fille”, “Le marin et la sirène” and “Je n’aime que vous”, which conquered the radio hit parades in francophone space. Arlette Zola graced the covers of youth magazines, appeared on numerous TV programs and appeared in Germany and abroad. Particularly noteworthy are the guest appearances in Brazil and Bulgaria in 1967, where she won an international singing competition. Also in Germany they became aware of the young singer and produced there a number of recordings. Big hits did not happen. From 1970, Arlette Zola gradually withdrew from the music business. After the marriage in 1972 she worked with her husband for several years a farm in the canton of Friborg. Shortly after the birth of her daughter (1979) Arlette Zola separated from her partner. Thanks to the support of Geneva-based musician and composer Alain Morisod, Arlette Zola made a musical comeback. In 1982 she represented Switzerland at the Grand Prix Eurovision in Harrogate, England. With the Morisod composition “Amour on t’aime” Arlette Zola reached the 3rd place and thus the best Swiss classification for years. This was followed by regular live performances, especially in western Switzerland, and new records. Besides, she ran a clothes boutique in her hometown. Today Arlette Zola lives in Freiburg, works in the hospitality industry and sings mainly for their pleasure.

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