Being the new kid in school

And you woke up this morning with a third eye you can't quite explain.

It’s December 1, 1978 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – You Just Moved – It’s Your First Day In A New School – You Are Radioactive

Being the new kid in school
And you woke up this morning with a third eye you can’t quite explain.

KROQ – Fraser Smith Show – December 1, 1978 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Face it; just about everybody you know, including you, has either been the “new kid in school” or knows someone who was at least once the “new kid”. It is historically the single most excruciating experience ever to happen to a teenager – and it never gets easier.

You are stared at, sized-up, looked down on, wondered about, pointed in the direction of, but eventually talked to; sometimes after days, sometimes never. And no matter what you do, you are the weird one – the one who doesn’t quite fit in; not now, anyway.

You feel awkward enough as it is – not knowing anybody and having to spend the remainder of your school experience with people you don’t know, who in all due probability don’t like you – who hasn’t got those “quirks” so many of those in cliques already have. You just aren’t going to fit in and you are convinced this is the way the rest of your life is going to be.

Yeah, you feel odd all right. You walk to your classes and the other kids stare at you like you’ve got a third eye; some are curious, others smirk and still others mumble really off-the-wall things to their friends – loud enough so you know those mumbles are all about you. People your age are assholes.

It wasn’t your fault. Your mom and dad got divorced and they asked which one you wanted to go live with. Your dad shot you a look, so you went with your mom. And now you’re here – in the middle of nowhere; new neighborhood, new school and maybe new friends. The “new friends” part you aren’t so sure about. Everybody knew you in your old school – but you’ve known most of them since grade school and that was for years.

Wait . . .did that girl just smile at you? The one wearing the Fiorucci T-shirt? The one with Black fingernails and dyed black hair? She did, didn’t she?

Well . . .at least you have KROQ. That’s not going to go away anytime soon.

You wonder what her name is and where she hangs out.

And suddenly, there are possibilities.

Here’s two hours worth of Fraser Smith from KROQ, Friday night December 1, 1978.

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