The RPMs

The RPMs - Or as BBC 6 Music would say: "The Future of Indie"

The RPMs – Live At Marrs Bar, Worcester – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The RPMs
The RPMs – Or as BBC 6 Music would say: “The Future of Indie”

The RPMs – Live At Marrs Bar, Worcester – November 9, 2017 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

The RPMs tonight – Indie from Brighton, live at Marrs Bar in Worcester, November 9,2017.

The RPM’s emerged from the Brighton scene that has also birthed contemporaries Black Honey and Fickle Friends. The band was formed in Dorset by childhood friends Jack Valero (lead vocals, guitar), Callum James, (drums and backing vocals). Following a move to Brighton they were joined by Miguel Cosme on bass and gained early momentum in 2016 for their debut EP, ‘Digital Disobedience, followed by their second EP in 2017, ‘Agents of Change’ released via Xtra Mile Recordings. Inspired by the support of singles ‘Oh My God’and ‘Things I Forgot To Do’,TheRPM’s expanded to a five piece, adding in Chris Bowden on keyboards and Ollie Summer on lead guitar to create a larger live sound and carve out a more ambitious sonic direction. Aided by in demand producer Gethin Pearson (Mallory Knox/Charli XCX) ‘Let Things Happens’ flows effortlessly into their steadily evolving plot together with other significant milestones: Their London debut for Abbie McCarthy – Good Karma Club, their SXSW debut; being chosen by Huw Stephens as one of his Alternative Tips for 2018; their first Radio X-Posure session and inclusion on R1’s Best Of BBC Introducing Playlist. The RPMs are set to tour extensively throughout Spring and Summer in support of ‘Let Things Happen’ and their upcoming third single for 2018, ‘Gotta Let Go’ slated for release in September via Xtra Mile Recordings.

With much good press and a growing following, it would be safe to assume The RPMs are heading in an upwards direction – here’s a sample of what the various outlets and media are saying, the past few months:

“Ahh, that’s a banger that!”, Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1 “A bunch of lads with an ear for a great tune”, Steve Lamacq, BBC 6 Music “Played more times on BBC Introducing than I’ve had eggs for breakfast ”, Dave Warren, BBC INTRO SOUTH Synth driven indie – pop DORK “There’s a lot of love from here,” Casey Heyburn, BBC INTRO SOUTH “I think they are set for a good 2018, tune after tune, something you just can’t resist”, John Kennedy, RADIO X “That sound is the best indie from the 90’s with a modern take on it, a future sound of indie, “Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 MUSIC

New single ‘Let Things Happen’ raises the bar significantly for this young Brighton band. Following the success of their previous single, ‘Your Ghost’, ‘Let Things Happen’ is cast firmly in the mould of classic indie pop, fusing contemporary songwriting sensibilities with the fluttering sounds of lush keyboards interwoven with melodic, ringing guitars. Speaking of the new single, singer Jack Valero said, “It’s written about how sometimes in life you just have to sit back and go with the flow and is very much based on where we are as a band right now. You face many difficult obstacles in life especially when you’re in a band and it’s all about how you overcome them and carry on, just like it says in the chorus ‘Pick up and start again’. It’s a positive message to not allow yourself to be defeated and also to remember sometimes to let go and live in the moment instead of trying to control it.

If you missed them at SXSW and are wondering when they are coming back to the States anytime soon – no idea, but in the meantime check out this club gig from last year and maybe it will whet an appetite.

Crank it up.

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