The Americas in concert

The Americas - new faces on the horizon - Amazing photo: Holly Elizabeth Photography

The Americas – Live – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth: New Lights On The Horizon Edition

The Americas in concert
The Americas – new faces on the horizon – Amazing photo: Holly Elizabeth Photography

The Americas – in concert at The Phoenix Theatre, Worcester – April 19, 2018 – BBC Introducing –

The Americas, in concert at The Phoenix Theatre in Worcester and recorded by BBC Introducing on April 19, 2018.

Whenever I hear from people; friends, readers and strangers I run into on the street, I invariably hear about the death of Pop Music – how it’s all gone completely sterile, manufactured and largely soulless. How the current state of affairs is all about the law of diminishing returns, how much Pop music has fed on itself for so long there is nothing of any value or originality to be had, that everything is manufactured in the studio and that music has achieved the one thing no one ever thought it would achieve; a level of boredom and malaise that the current state is truly in the throes of its very own death-knell.

Wish I could agree with them. Truths to tell, it’s not the case. Although I will say, in the detractors defense, the music they are talking about is Mainstream; a form which has gone through death rattles ever since Elvis Presley was drafted into the Army. It has always miraculously righted itself and soldiered on. This time though, I’m afraid they have something and the last gasp is audible.

But that’s Mainstream – not the current state of Indie, Experimental and Alternative. There is still much to get excited about and venues all over the country are jammed with new talent who are striving to let you know this latest incarnation of Rock is alive and well and kicking ass, thank you very much.

The Americas are one of a slew of unsigned artists being regularly featured by The BBC. As yet, not signed to a label (as if that’s a prerequisite to success, since DIY is alive and well as are co-ops). The Americas have been around for only a short time, but are gathering some good word of mouth, and attention in the process. Further evidence the patient is far from dead.

But don’t take my word for it – grab something comfortable and enjoy The Americas – I suspect they’ll be getting a substantial following very soon, if they haven’t already.

Crank it up.

BTW – The current state of Talent Floods is not the exclusive property of Musicians – the photos come from a photographic talent on the horizon – Holly Elizabeth is based out of Manchester and is getting her work out there – check it out via her Facebook page. Good stuff – much needed.

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