Marble Arch

Marble Arch - French Psych mixed with Shoegaze - Mon Dieu!

Three By Marble Arch – 2015/2018 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table

Marble Arch
Marble Arch – French Psych mixed with Shoegaze – Mon Dieu!

Marble Arch – 3 Songs – 1. I’m On My Way (a) – 2. A Grave – 3. Stone Keeper (b) – (a) 2018 – (b) 2015 – Géographie Records

New music on the horizon tonight. You always know you’re doing at least something right when a record company contacts you and wants your feedback on an artist. In this case, it was Marble Arch, a French band closely associating themselves with Psych and Shoegaze, but doing it in the inimitable French way.

Marble Arch, a French band with a very UK sounding name, have been around for a short time. And like most all bands from overseas, particularly ones not from the UK, getting your message out is a bit harder than others much of the time. Part of it used to be the language barrier. But as we’ve seen in recent years, most artists who are looking for an international audience sing in English, and its paid off for many. But there’s still the part about being seen and heard – and sometimes labels or management, or the artists themselves knock on doors and make contact with as many stations, bookers and bloggers as they can to help the process along.

It’s the way of the future and it has worked much of the time. It also helps if the band or artists in question have something to say and have put together some strong material. I can say that’s the case with Marble Arch.

This comes from Géographie, their label:

Having perfectly digested shoegaze and dream pop’s secrets, their music is oriented toward childhood and experimentation. After The Bloom of Division, a first well noticed effort of in 2015, the Parisians will set the table one more time with Children of the Slump, a highly anticipated second album which will be released early 2019 on the label Géographie.

Or as the band put it on their Bandcamp page:

Initially it’s an intimate approach, which gradually grows and reveals itself. Not claimed influences, no type assigned, just the sound of childhood, play, experimentation.

The opening track is the new single, from the forthcoming album, Children Of The Slump, slated for release in February 2019 – the following two tracks; A Grave and Stone Keeper, come from their debut album, Bloom Of Division from 2015.

I found their material to be dreamy and engaging and certainly worth more than a few casual listens. It would be nice to catch them in a club or concert setting, so maybe a foray to SXSW next year might be a possibility. In the meantime, here is a taste of what Marble Arch are up to now, and a sample of what they were up to when they issued their debut album.

Good stuff all around – check out their Facebook page and get acquainted – you’ll be hearing about them sooner or later.

In the meantime, crank it up.

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