Mustangs Of The West
Mustangs Of The West - the real deal - keeping the spirit alive and kicking.

Mustangs Of The West – Everybody Wants Peace On Earth – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table: Holiday Edition

Mustangs Of The West

Mustangs Of The West – the real deal – keeping the spirit alive and kicking.

Mustangs Of The West – Everybody Wants Peace On Earth – 2018 – Blue Elan Records –

Revving up the Christmas spirit with a new single by Mustangs Of The West, just in time for the holidays. Since we’re devoting a lot of our nightly music posts with Christmas music new and old, between now and the Big Day – this is a special one I’m really delighted to share with you. Mustangs Of The West have reformed – they were around and gigging a few years ago, but life often gets in the way, and this amazing conglomeration of talented women in music got it back together and are gigging up a storm now. And what better way to celebrate gettin’ it back together than to put out something for the Holidays. It’s better than that – it’s a great song with an all-too-timely sentiment and the production is completely top-notch.

I confess to being partial to this band – one of the founding members, Sherry Rayn Barnett is a dear, life-long friend of mine, who is one of the best and most sought-after music photographers in the business – and has been responsible for some iconic images of some legendary performers over the years. When she’s not being brilliant behind the lens she’s being brilliant behind the Fender (and she plays a kick-ass Ukulele).

But even if I didn’t know Sherry I would still be pretty buzzed about this track. One of the things that’s the sure-fire fun part of life is seeing people chase and pursue their dreams – and be good at it at the time same. I remember when The Mustangs first got together in the 1980s – it was a time when Country Music was going through changes, and rather than go off in directions that appeared to be far removed from Country-Western as a genre, The Mustangs (as they were known then) stuck close to their roots. They made honest music in a heartfelt way – always a good sign. They’ve made a lot of fans in the interim and are getting some well deserved recognition in the process. That they are back together, with added personnel and a whole new outlook, is cause to celebrate.

So – with all that said, check out the single – if you could, fall by their site and chip in a bit to grab a nice, squeaky clean version via Spotify or iTunes and grab a t-shirt for their first single (which you should also pick up). And get on their mailing list – they are gigging and recording and rumor has it a debut album is on its way.

I am hoping to put some of their live gigs up in the coming weeks/months – stay tuned.

But in the meantime . . . .crank it up and grab some tinsel!

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