Warsaw strikers

Strike At The Firefighters Academy in Warsaw - Solidarity was stirring.

December 3, 1981 – Peacekeepers To Sinai – Frustration In Syria – Solidarity In Warsaw

Warsaw strikers
Strike At The Fire Academy in Warsaw – Solidarity was stirring.

December 3, 1981 – CBS Radio News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

December 3, 1981 – Busy news day. Starting with news of an agreement on the wording with Israel on a joint resolution to send Peacekeepers to the Sinai. Establishing ground rules for the multi-national force taking part in the was given unanimous approval by the Israeli cabinet. The wording of the declaration was to be made public in Jerusalem and Washington simultaneously. The resolution was drawn up after four European countries offered to send contingents to the multinational watchdog unit, but linked their participation to the Common Market’s 1980 Venice Declaration which called for the PLO to be included in Middle East negotiations and proposed self-determination for the Palestinians.

Meanwhile U.S. Middle East envoy Philip Habib landed in Amman, Jordan after an unsuccessful meeting in Damascus with Syrian President Hafez Assad where Habib made no progress in the Missile dispute, which Assad said the Syrian missiles based in Lebanon were still needed for the Syrian Peacekeeping force.

On Capitol Hill – a tentative agreement had been worked out between representatives of the Reagan Administration and the Senate leadership over one aspect of the budget problem; it would fund the government when emergency appropriations ended on December 15th, and if approved would head off a replay of the partial government shutdown from November.

The subject of Nicaragua came up with Secretary of State Alexander Haig as he addressed a meeting of the Organization of American States on the island of St. Lucia. He spoke out against the situation in Nicaragua, charging the government was building up and arsenal of Eastern bloc arms in part, Haig claimed, to help leftist guerrillas fighting the U.S. supported government of El Salvador. Haig did add there were no plans at the time to deploy U.S. forces in Nicaragua.

And in Warsaw, Lech Walesa and other leaders of Solidarity were meeting to work out their next step after calling a strike alert in reaction to the Police storming of a Warsaw Fire Academy the day before. They were expected to proceed cautiously.

And that’s just a sample of what went on, this December 3, 1981 as reported by CBS Radio Hourly News.

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