The Mutts

The Mutts - Just another scuzzy rock band from Brighton.

The Mutts – In Concert From Brighton – 2004 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Mutts
The Mutts – Just another scuzzy rock band from Brighton.

The Mutts – Live from The Brighton Concorde – 2004 – BBC 6 Music – Steve Lamacq In The City –

The Mutts as we head in the direction of the weekend. Something high voltage to go along with your last minute Christmas shopping. The Mutts were a scuzzy rock band from Brighton active between 2001 & 2006. Signed to Fatcat Records, they released a handful of records, toured, soared and roared. And just as quickly as their rose, they fell, splintering off in a million directions, but leaving a tantalizing legacy for new fans to discover.

The four members met in Brighton in 2001, where they now reside. Releasing their now out-of-print debut single ‘Hostage’/’Obvious’, through their own label in early 2003, The Mutts have been simultaneously picking up support playing out alongside the likes of The Raveonettes, The Catheters, The Warlocks and Radio 4. A FatCat 7″, ‘Missing My Devil’ was released in March 2004.

The Mutts hark back to an ideal synonymous with CBGB’s circa 1977. As far as influences are concerned, people will make their own assumptions. Frequently compared to such revered outfits as The Ramones and MC5, they are nevertheless their own band, instinctive, straight to the point, cohesive and spontaneous.

An expressive, completely engaging live outfit, this is where the band come into their own.

This concert, recorded on home turf in Brighton in 2004 was done for the Steve Lamacq In The City series on BBC Radio 1.

Needless to say, The Mutts were only together for a reasonably short period of time before calling it quits.

Maybe you remember them and maybe you’re hearing them for the very first time – either way, they provided a very high-octane wall of sound matching their tight and urgent playing and this concert adds to an interesting history of a band together a short time, but making an unforgettable noise in the process.

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