Blizzard of '97

The Blizzard of '97 - if you lived here you'd be in big trouble right now.

January 11, 1997 – The Blizzard Of ’97 – Ol’ Blue Eyes Recuperates – Using The Velvet Glove On Serbia

Blizzard of '97
The Blizzard of ’97 – if you lived here you’d be in big trouble right now.

January 11, 1997 – CBS Radio News On The Hour – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

January 11, 1997 – The Blizzard of ’97. When much of the nation was nailed by an arctic blast – bearing the brunt of it seemed to be the upper Midwest, where temperatures dipped to -70 and and wind chill factors froze everything in sight. One of those people trapped in the onslaught was 51 year old Karen Nelson who managed to survive some 40 hours before being rescued and feeling lucky to be alive. Further north in Fargo North Dakota, the wind chills moderated to -48 below zero while the state was struggling to rebound from its third blizzard in a month.

In other news – Dallas Cowboys teammates Michael Irvin and Erik Williams maintained their innocence of sexual assault charges for some two weeks before Dallas Police confirmed it. No charges were to be filed based on the rape claims of a 23 year old woman. Police made no public comment about the videotape confiscated from Williams home which reportedly showed him having sex with the woman who made the rape claim.

Doctors reported Singer Frank Sinatra was recovering well from the heart attack he suffered earlier in the week, but no word on when he was getting released from L.A.’s Cedars Medical Center.

And the U.S. was opting to use the “velvet glove” on Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic and reserve the “iron fist” if economic sanctions didn’t work. U.S. Envoy John Kornblum urges Milosevic to honor local election results unfavorable to his party. But he said it was unlikely that sanctions would hasten that process. Kornblum met in Brussels with senior Diplomatic officials from Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Russia. They agreed to keep up the diplomatic pressure.

And that’s just a little of what happened on this January 11, 1997 as presented by CBS Radio’s Hourly News via KNX, Los Angeles.

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