Aereogramme - Live At Eurosonic 2002

Aereogramme - One of those bands that left way too soon.

Aereogramme – Live At Eurosonic 2002 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Aereogramme - Live At Eurosonic 2002
Aereogramme – One of those bands that left way too soon.

Aereogramme – Live at Eurosonic Festival 2002 – January 15, 2002 – John Peel – BBC Radio 1 –

Aereogramme, in concert at Eurosonic 2002 in The Netherlands. Recorded on January 15, 2002 with John Peel for BBC Radio 1. Described in several publications as one of the top ten bands that broke up way before their time, Aereogramme managed to release four albums during their lifespan (1998-2007) and gather a staunch and loyal fan base, of whom John Peel was certainly one. He’s heard introducing the band during this gig at Eurosonic and their set was run in its entirety on his show of January 15th.

Formed in April 1998, the band released two 7″ singles in 1999 before signing to Chemikal Underground in early 2000, at which point they recorded two EPs before releasing their first full-length, A Story in White, in 2001. Sleep and Release followed in 2003 but the band moved to Undergroove Records soon after for their third official release, Seclusion. However, the group re-signed to Chemikal Underground in August 2006.

Their fourth album, My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go was released in Europe and the United States on 29 January 2007 and in Japan on 14 October 2006, taking its title from the novel The Exorcist. In a recent interview, singer Craig B. revealed the long delay between releases was partly due to losing his singing voice for six months. “We didn’t know if it was going to continue so everybody went their separate ways waiting for my voice to come back. I went to see a throat doctor and he told me to eat yogurt which I did and it did absolutely nothing. The only thing that made any difference was time ’cause I’d spent the previous couple of years screaming every single night and whisky and smoking and that was just a horrible combination. I think my body just said stop.”

On 11 May 2007, in a message board post on Myspace, Aereogramme announced they were to disband:

“ It is with heavy hearts that we tell you all that Aereogramme have decided to split up. Reasons are multiple and complex. It is however fair to say that the never ending financial struggle coupled with an almost superhuman ability to dodge the zeitgeist have taken their toll, ensuring that we just don’t have any fight left in us.
We are immensely proud of the four albums that we made over the past seven years. We hope that they continue to grow in your hearts. We plan to honour and celebrate the beautiful friendships we have made along the way with these final shows over the summer”

The band played their last ever show at the Connect Music Festival in Inverary, Scotland on 31 August 2007.

For a quick reminder of a band the really shouldn’t have broken up when they did, here is Aereogramme’s set from Eurosonic 2002, and the inimitable John Peel popping up at the end for a few words.

Good times, albeit poignant ones.

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