Pet Shimmers

Pet Shimmers - Further evidence it's alive and well and all happening in Bristol.

Pet Shimmers – Persona Party – 2019 – Past Daily Night At The Round Table: New Faces Edition

Pet Shimmers
Pet Shimmers – Further evidence it’s alive and well and all happening in Bristol.

Pet Shimmers – Persona Party – Bandcamp Track – released February 1, 2019 (support the band and buy the track!)

Pet Shimmers – new faces on the horizon for a Friday night. This one comes via my old pal and colleague Mig Schillace. And like everything Mig gets involved with, it’s pretty astonishing.

To get you up to speed, the band put this blurb together:

“Tread with care, Pet Shimmers are seven music boxes swimming a four-tramadol bath of loudness tadpoles where the universe did bend until the truth cameth out. Like a child pouring small cups of water over a breathless beached sperm whale, a bedroom emo overcame his loneliness by hiring rad model vibes and flower rangers to play in an alien-fronted, sit down, arms folded, stream friendly ‘play’-shifting 8-bit apocalypse party band.

Persona Party is a one of many hit wonders that rides out the first turbulence of 2019 in wake of 2018, an example of flings to come, praying for the truest centre of everything to reveal itself. With aching arms from drawing lines in the sand, Persona Party makes the deciding move on which side to stand, a sludge camp where the tents are as ridiculous as this description of the track.”

Single numero uno from Oliver Wilde’s new project Pet Shimmers featuring Lexie Jennings, Mig Schillace, Helena Walker, Ellie Gray, Richard Clarke, Will Carkeet, Slonk and Henry-Charles Sharpe.

Because it’s new – just coming out today, and it’s their first single, and they can really use all the support and encouragement they can get – I would strongly suggest you head over to their Bandcamp page and chip in what you can to purchase Persona Party. We’re at that point in our culture right now where it’s up to everybody to support everybody else in order to keep the music fresh and the ideas flowing. If this music speaks to you, it’s incumbent upon you to support it any way you can – buy their singles, their eps, their t-shirts, hoodies, their albums – see them live – tell your friends. It’s good Karma and you will be handsomely rewarded by making a difference.

Pet Shimmers speaks to me in profound ways – I can’t wait to hear more.

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