Bosnia - March 8, 1993

Bosnia - March 8, 1993 - And the ones who suffer are the ones in the middle.

March 8, 1993 – In Bosnia, An Offensive – In Waco, A Waiting Game – In New York, Questions –

Bosnia - March 8, 1993
Bosnia – March 8, 1993 – And the ones who suffer most are the ones in the middle.

March 8, 1993 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 8, 1993 – In Bosnia, another day loaded with turmoil and uncertainty. The commander of Muslim troops ordered an offensive against Serb forces in order to relieve pressure on Muslim enclaves. U.S. cargo planes dropped more than 46 tons of supplies overnight in the 8th such airdrop mission. Concerns about refugees and their welfare, particularly wounded refugees were voiced by uN relief organizations. Civilians, as always, were the ones caught in the middle with an estimated 2,000 wounded, some seriously that needed to be cared for. All of this was pointing up to a dire situation where there seemed little, if any relief in sight.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world and closer to home – the standoff in Waco Texas between Federal agents and members of the Brand Davidian cult had reached its eighth day. There was some activity around the compound as an ATF spokeswoman described a “tactical-type operation”, associated with the cult compound, but not on it. Reporters and the media were effectively barred from leaving the Press encampment to view the goings on. It was an unusual move as reporters had been allowed free access since the standoff began.

A 20 year-old college student was taken into custody by the FBI in connection with the World Trade Center bombing after an apartment search in Jersey City, New Jersey turned up three small clocks which could have been used as timing devices for a bomb. The New York FBI chief said more search and arrest warrants could be sought this week. Meanwhile, searchers at the World Trade Center were using a crane and scaffolding in an attempt to finally (and literally) get to the bottom of the site of the explosion from late February in their continuing search for clues to what they believed was an organized act of terrorism.

And so much more happened this day – March 8, 1993 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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