Communism in Europe
Communism had friends among the displaced and disgruntled all over Europe.

March 13, 1948 – Europe’s Communism Dilemma – The Senate Goes Back To Work On European Aid – Elections In Argentina

Communism in Europe

Communism had friends among the displaced and disgruntled all over Europe.

March 13, 1948 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 13, 1948 – While the Senate was getting back to work on a European Aid package, signs that Communist influence was spreading throughout Europe was becoming more and more apparent and was even making headway in South America.

The news for this day had much to do with Senate reaction and work passing a comprehensive Aid package to stimulate reconstruction in war-ravaged Europe. But the other surprising news was the popularity of Communist candidates in Argentina’s Congressional election. Votes were being counted in the rural sections of the country and it wasn’t clear if this turn of events would have an immediate effect on the government of Juan Peron whose candidates seem assured of eventually getting the majority. Regardless, it was a trend no one wanted to overlook, especially the U.S. who were expressing concern that Communism was trying to gain a foothold in South America. Speaking of South America, Chile brought forth a measure that the United Nations investigate the Communist coup in Czechoslovakia and that an East-West showdown could result. The UN Security Council scheduled a hearing on the issue in the coming week. Chile, in making the demand charged that methods similar to those used by Nazi Germany were being by one UN member state over another and that the extent and the magnitude of the plans of the USSR stood revealed.

In other news, two columns of Jewish fighters launched an attack on a village in the northern part of Palestine, the area where the Arab leaders had proclaimed martial law. The action took place north of Nazareth and the columns were made up of about 100 troops each. Casualties have reportedly been light. So far, since Partition took place in November of 1947, some 1,675 have been killed.

All that, and a lot more for this March 13, 1948 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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