Pet Shimmers

Pet Shimmers - six weeks old and their first gig is a Maida Vale BBC session. Not bad!

Pet Shimmers In Session – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Pet Shimmers
Pet Shimmers – six weeks old and their first gig is a Maida Vale BBC session. Go team!

Pet Shimmers – in session for Tom Ravenscroft – BBC 6 Music – March 14, 2019- BBC 6 Music –

This happened literally a few hours ago. Pet Shimmers, the band I played a few weeks ago on the occasion of their first-ever single, just finished their first-ever live gig; a studio session at the BBC’s legendary Maida Vale studios for DJ Tom Ravenscroft, just ahead of their first club gig later on this evening.

I will say I am downright thrilled for this band, not the least because my friend, colleague and Music Adviser Mig Schillace is the drummer, but because this band is a lovely roux of musical influences and colors and it hits on so many levels that it makes for a thoroughly enjoyable experience worth repeating.

For me it’s always been the test of a song’s merit if it bears repeated listenings, or if “once is enough” – I have been listening to Persona Party (their first single) via Bandcamp the past few weeks and it hasn’t worn out its welcome. Hearing it live (the first song on this session) it holds up just fine. The second number, Low Motion is another one – having played it three times in just the past few hours, it’s heading into Desert Island Disc territory.

For everyone who says the current state of music is dead is basing their entire opinion on what mainstream Pop music has been doing. If you scratch the surface and get away from All the hype and the noise and check out what bands like Pet Shimmer are doing, you’ll come away with an entirely different opinion of what’s really going on. And the prognosis is very healthy. Bands and artists are not afraid to try new things, try different combinations and mash-up genres – it’s the only way the experience will stay fresh and engaging.

I have no idea what Pet Shimmers plans are – I know there is an album in the works and a string of gigs around the UK in the offing. Beyond that, it depends on how the audience feels. I suspect the audience will feel rather good.

Stay tuned.

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