Carrolll O'Connor on Son Hugh's Suicide

Actor Carroll O'Connor on his son Hugh's suicide - "Had that monkey his back and couldn't get rid of it".

March 29,1995 – Drugs And A Father’s Grief – The Simpson Murder Trial Grinds On – The Situation In Haiti

Carrolll O'Connor on Son Hugh's Suicide
Actor Carroll O’Connor on his son Hugh’s suicide: “Had that monkey on his back and couldn’t get rid of it”.

March 29, 1995 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

March 29, 1995 – Drugs seemed to be the theme of news this day. Police in Pacific Palisades, California concluded that the previous night’s gunshot death of Actor Carroll O’Connor’s son Hugh was a suicide. O’Connor at a press conference said his son, who was 32 and on the day of his 3rd wedding anniversary, was terribly troubled and had been into drugs since he was sixteen and just couldn’t quit. Blaming himself, he also blamed the purported drug dealer who was a regular visitor to the younger O’Connor’s home, and supplied him on a constant basis.

The issue of drugs was also in the news as police in Provincetown Massachusetts arrested two men and charged them with supplying the heroin that resulted in actor Tony Curtis’s son Nicholas’ drug overdose a year earlier.

In other news – The OJ Simpson murder jury was hearing from an important Prosecution witness, a limousine driver who had taken Simpson to the airport roughly an hour after the murders were alleged to have taken place. Defense was spending much of the day looking for holes in the drivers testimony, and later on in the day, attorney’s would be busy waging another battle on what DNA evidence prosecutors may use against Simpson.

In Santa Ana, California – Los Angeles Rams Quarterback Darrell Henley, his uncle and three other men had been convicted of running a Cocaine ring. Henley faced a possible 10 years to life sentence.

From Iraq, the first western reporter allowed to see two Americans in prison in Baghdad for crossing the border with Kuwait described the men as in good health, but downcast. Hollow-eyed, tired and in a complete state of uncertainty. CNN’s Brent Sadler was allowed to see the prisoners in the company of Polish Diplomats.

And Haiti’s President Aristide, just days away from the U.S. handing the United Nations the responsibility of security, was calling for stepped-up efforts against the gunmen he called “The Opponents Of Democracy”. As Aristide spoke, assassins were busy gunning down lawyer and leading Aristide critic Marais du Roche De Bertrand. FBI agents were sent to investigate.

And that’s just a little of what went on, this March 29, 1995 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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