. . . and high school was the same everywhere.

It’s 1966 – You’re In Florida – It’s Spring – Summer Is An Eternity Away – Your World Is Going To Change

. . . and high school is the same everywhere. . .you just don’t know that.

WHEW – Riviera Beach, Florida – May 25, 1966 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

It’s 1966; May 25th to be exact. Less than a month to Summer vacation. Your dad just got a job and you’re all moving to Los Angeles when school lets out. New city, New school, new friends – a whole different part of the country. Somewhere called Encino. You’ve heard about L.A. – you’re convinced you won’t fit in, nobody will like you. You hate being the new kid in school – everybody stares at you and asks questions – and somebody always wants to pick a fight with you. You heard everybody smokes marijuana in L.A. – you haven’t tried it yet. You haven’t tried anything yet – you don’t like cigarettes. Somebody gave you a beer at a party once and you gagged the first time you drank it. Everybody drives in L.A., you don’t know how to yet.

You feel uniquely ill-prepared to live in another city – you feel uniquely ill-prepared for life. No girl in her right mind would be interested in you. You’re going to spend the rest of your life alone – or worse, living with your parents until you’re 30. Come to think of it – you’ve never had a date, never actually had a girlfriend, only made out with a girl once. You still think about that. You’re fat – you get D’s in gym. Your mom tells you you’re still growing – that everybody’s skinny on her side of the family. You’re dad’s side of the family is another story.

You made friends here – you’re going to miss them. The weather you can do without, but you hear they have earthquakes in L.A., big ones – here they just have Hurricanes.

A month to go before Summer and month to go before you leave. Maybe you can finally take up surfing. You’ll have to learn to swim first.

You wouldn’t wish sixteen on anybody.

Here is a whopping FOUR HOURS of WHEW from Riviera Beach, Florida. Recorded as it happened on May 25, 1966.

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    1. Thanks for the words! This one gave a great picture of what ‘regional hits’ were all about, including some songs that only got scant airplay in other places. Really gives you an idea of how different top-40 radio was back then.


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