The Little Unsaid - A clear vision and stunning sense of direction.

The Little Unsaid – In Session – 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Little Unsaid – A clear vision and stunning sense of direction.

The Little Unsaid – In session at Silk Mill – 2019 – Reveal Records –

Ending up the week with a preview of coming attractions. Atomise is the latest album by The Little Unsaid, slated to hit stores on May 24th – just before that, they cut a session at Silk Mill (I believe in April), and this is a taste of what you will no doubt be hearing a lot in the coming months.

The Little Unsaid is the brainchild of singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer John Elliot and Atomise is his/their sixth album to date (and one ep) – it is also their most accomplished.

I have posted John Elliot’s music here before; early songs and productions by an artist exploring a path – reaching, honing and perfecting – broadening and shaping.

Atomise is his most arresting and engaging album to date and one which I think is going to reach a much wider audience very soon. That’s not to say the almost non-stop touring and gigging haven’t paid off. His audience and fans have grown considerably over the years – and this is from doing what every artist needs to do in order to make it work. I call it “the slog” because that’s what it is; getting your music and your message out to any venue or group of people who will listen. This is the essence of the creative experience – the fun part is the creation, putting the notes and crafting the landscape; marveling at the pieces of the puzzle fitting in, witnessing the tapestry come alive. The work part is letting everyone know about it – the at times insufferable blasting of ones own horn in order to be heard above the din of the slick. But when music is honest – when it comes from the heart; taps into that reservoir of the human condition and expresses thoughts and feelings that connect with everyone who it comes in contact with on a deeply fundamental level, you know you’ve done something right. The world becomes the better place and stars are aligned in perfect symmetry.

Needless to say, Atomise is an accomplishment. One that I will place bets on its acceptance coming from many places. I also think it’s time for them to hit the Festival circuit this summer – and it’s time to hit Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music up for a spot on his show. Just a thought.

If you aren’t already familiar, here’s what you can do – click on the player and give listen to these two tracks – and then go over to The Little Unsaid website on Bandcamp and order the album. While you’re there, you might want to dive into his previous five albums and the early ep. There is a lot to like and much to explore.

But don’t take my word for it – have a listen and see for yourself.

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