LP - A voice that fairly takes over your emotions. Is starkly honest - Is hauntingly profound.

LP – In Concert At Outside Lands Festival – 2018 – Past Daily Backstage Weekend

LP – A voice that fairly takes over your emotions. Is starkly honest – Is hauntingly profound.

LP – in concert at Outside Lands Festival 2018 – recorded by SRF Radio 3 –

LP in concert this weekend. An artist I am clearly wondering why I haven’t heard before, but one which is a profound switch to what’s been going on musically in the U.S. lo, these past few years – one who is supplying a much needed shot in the arm and a renewed faith in what music is about and where it’s going.

Maybe it’s because she is almost a household name in Europe – she’s appeared on talk shows on French television, has done studio sessions in Warsaw, this concert from last year’s Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco, broadcast by German TV and Radio. That’s not to say she hasn’t been getting a fan base in the U.S. – it’s just that Europe has taken her to their collective hearts in a way that makes perfect sense.

I haven’t spent a lot of time researching LP’s background – suffice to say, her voice is a gift that is not only rare, it is perfect. The wild range and the almost operatic emotion her voice conveys is refreshing. It is not music to be sitting somewhere in the background – LP’s is a voice that demands attention; is a fully exposed and beating heart of marathon feelings and expressions.

That, in addition to an astonishing gift, she is also an incredibly gifted and much sought-after songwriter. Given that many of her songs are performed by mainstream artists, the core of her artistry is Indie; sufficiently off the beaten path that those collaborations could be construed as bill payers. But that’s not my call and I don’t begrudge anyone an opportunity to do what they love and not have to starve because of it. All I know is; LP is a potent and vibrant artist whose style and substance are energy boosts – and at a time when it is needed most.

Listening to LP in this concert, I am convinced we don’t have to worry about the future of Pop music -it’s in good hands and we can rest easy.

All I ask is you hit the play button and check her out if you aren’t already familiar. I hope to be posting more of her in the coming months. In the meantime . . . .

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