Violence in Riverside - shooting of Khalid Muhammad - one of many this day.

May 30, 1994 – “People Were Screaming – There Was Pandemonium” – Day Of Violence – Day Of Tension.

Violence in Riverside – shooting of Khalid Muhammad – one of many this day.

May 30, 1994 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 30, 1994 – A day of violence and tension, seemingly everywhere. Beginning with news that shots rang out at a rally being held at UC Riverside, featuring former Nation of Islam spokesman Khalid Muhammad. Muhammad was wounded as were two body guards and a bystander. The shooter, identified as 49 year old James Edward Best was pounced on by the angry and chaotic crowd and severely beaten. It was reported he was an ex-communicated Minister for the Nation of Islam, the same group from which Muhammad had a falling out. With the others, he was rushed to a nearby hospital and reported in stable condition, while Muhammed was reported in satisfactory condition – only one, a bodyguard, had been listed in serious condition.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, former Japanese Prime Minister Hosakawa was in the lobby of a hotel when a man fired a shot at the ceiling. No one was hurt, and the shooter was put in custody. New York City police said a visitor from Spain was found dead in his hotel room, murdered by a bullet through the head; no suspects at press time. In Los Angeles, a teenager was accused of pulling the trigger on a gun that killed a German tourist and seriously wounded her husband on a mountain highway just east of L.A. The suspect was arrested in Salt Lake City while two others had been booked the previous week.

And another attack on foreigners and an increase of tension in Germany was reported. Two people were seriously wounded in three fire bomb attacks on Turkish targets in Hamburg. This on the heels of a rally of some 8,000 at the West German town of Solingen, observing the one year anniversary of a neo-Nazi fire attack that killed five Turkish women and girls.

Tension was continuing around Jericho between Israelis and the PLO with the report of one Israeli soldier shot dead during an ambush of a patrol between Jericho and the Gaza Strip. Initial reports claimed the soldier was wounded by a PLO member, while further investigation revealed the possibility the wounding may have been a case of “friendly fire”.

And President Clinton’s approval rating fell again – this according to a Harris Poll. Down to 42% from 48% early in Apri and the lowest it’s been since the previous August. Reasons, Harris said, may have been a perception of indecisive leadership in Foreign Affairs may have been a contributing factor.

And that’s just a sample of what went on, this May 30, 1994 – as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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