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Support Past Daily With Patreon.

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In lieu of a fundraiser this year, I have decided to give Patreon a try. If you’ve heard my little pitch (hit the player), then you know what we’re up to.

I am appealing to you for your support. The short-version is; I can’t do this alone. I have tried and I do as much as I can, but sometimes it gets out of control.

History is important – you already know that. Knowing about your world is important – you know that too. Keeping an open mind and exposing yourself to things you may not be that familiar with or only heard about is crucial. We complain that we’re turning into a society that has stopped being curious, not interested in knowing about things – I don’t think that’s true at all.

I hear from you most every day, telling me that you’ve made a discovery you weren’t aware of before – how a piece of history has made it all clear. How hearing a piece of music has changed your opinion of new music/and-or old music. How history doesn’t have to sound like it was recorded during a rainstorm. History is vital and it’s ongoing – it’s not always about old things, it is also about recent things. It’s not all about what happened here, but what happened in other parts of the world. It’s everywhere and everything that you may not be familiar with and that somehow changes your perspective on things.

And that’s why I’m doing this fundraiser via Patreon. Now you can, if you want use other platforms – you’ll see a logo for Fractured Atlas on this page – you can click on that and make a donation just as easily as Patreon.

But I need to hear from you and, like I said in my pitch, if you can’t chip in a buck or five or ten, tell your friend or someone who might be interested. We’re here for everybody and everybody benefits.

Do what you can and hit the Patreon button..

Become a Patron!

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