Getting Out Of Town For The Fourth

The scramble to get out of town is no doubt on, right about now. But if you have a spare minute . . . .

Before You Head Out Of Town, This July 4th – A Tiny Favor.

Getting Out Of Town For The Fourth
The scramble to get out of town is no doubt on, right about now. But if you have a spare minute . . . .

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As you know, we were in the middle of our annual Fundraiser last week when disaster struck, taking down our server and wiping out posts going to back to when we first got started in 2012. After a little over a week of yelling, cajoling, searching and not sleeping, Past Daily is back up and running and we’re playing catchup. That also means jumping back into Fundraiser mode and picking up where we left off.
Despite the lack of posts and blank pages when you showed up here, many of you still made your donations and contributions and I can’t tell you how grateful and amazed I am that a lot of you didn’t seem bothered by the inconvenience – you just wondered what had happened and hoped for the best. Your kind words were sights for sore eyes and your contributions went straight to paying for the restoration efforts.

Well, it worked out and the outpouring of support when there was blank page has been truly humbling. But now that we’re back, we have to finish what we started. With the site temporarily down and the process getting back up with long and tedious (not to mention expensive), your contributions matter more now than ever. It takes a lot to keep the site going, just on the day to day – but when disaster strikes, everything is tossed into resolving the problems and getting back up. And, as much as I wanted to (and tried), I wasn’t able to post anything.

All that said, there are two ways you can show your support; either by Patreon (which is quick and painless and you can kick in as little as a dollar) or by PayPal. Either of the methods you choose will have the same result; keeping us up and running and covering the cost of the restoration and site repairs for another year.

I am trying to keep this as low-key as possible because I don’t like being hounded all the time and I’m sure you don’t either. We all have budgets; some more than others, and I know what being on the short end of the stick is like. So, as I always say, do what you can and what you’re willing. I try to bring great and rare recordings to you – recordings you won’t find anyplace else – recordings I have been collecting for the better part of 50 years. I don’t want them sitting in a dark room for eternity and I want to be able to share them with as many people as possible. That’s why I love the Internet – you can share all kinds of stuff and all kinds of people have access to it. That’s what it’s all about. And least the good parts.

And I want to make this available to everyone, no matter who and no matter where, which is why I don’t charge for a subscription to gain access to Past Daily – it’s not right and it defeats the purpose of making useful information available for everyone to benefit from. But because I’m not charging, I have to find other ways to keep up with costs of keeping the site up and running and keeping a daily batch of posts up – so far there are over 7,000 posts for you to enjoy, study, learn from and share. Hopefully that number will multiply many times, until my entire archive is up and available and searchable by everyone. That’s the goal – that’s the dream. I have advertising (hopefully not obnoxious ones), but that only accounts for a small fraction of the operating costs of a site this size. And so I turn to you.

So please do what you can – if you can’t, just tell your friends and spread the word – it all adds up and it all counts.

My deepest and sincerest gratitude to those of you who have chipped in so far – most of you don’t want to be mentioned, but know you are loved.

To everybody else – all those on the fence or who are waiting for someone else to chip in – I understand and I appreciate you taking out the time and just looking around.

Now, if you’ll excuse me – I have to get back to working on another post, or two, or three . . . .

Gordon Skene

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