London Subway Bombing Suspects - 2005

London Subway Bombing suspect - an entire city was on edge. (AP Photo)

July 12, 2005 – London Bombings – The Hunt For Suspects – CIA Name Leaks – Pointing Fingers To Karl Rove.

London Subway Bombing - 2005
London Subway Bombing Suspects – an entire city was on edge. (AP Photo)
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July 12, 2005 – An uneasy day in London, in the wake of bombings on the 7th which took the lives of 52 people, including four bombers, a frantic search was on to find additional suspects in this coordinated attack on London’s transit system. On this day, it wasn’t clear if all four were killed or three were killed and one escaped. Additionally, raids were staged on the homes of the suspects uncovering evidence. In one of those six homes near the city of Leeds, a controlled explosion took place. At press time it was unclear whether the device detonated was a bomb or an explosion to gain access to property and no arrests had been made. In the meantime, the London Times reported that forensics teams were concentrating on two found on the bus; an unnamed source said they appeared to be holding the bomb or sitting on top of it, and one may turn out to be the bomber, but the hunt for additional suspects continued.

Meanwhile, Israel blamed Islamic Jihad for a suicide bombing which killed two people in Netanya, along with the bomber. One Cabinet minister said it was an attempt to sabotage Israel’s pullout from Gaza. It was the second such attack since Israel and the Palestinians declared a truce in February.

White House spokesman Scott McLeland was deflecting any and all questions about Karl Rove and his possible role in the leak of a CIA officer’s name. Rove was one of President Bush’s top advisers and strategist. Mr. Bush said he would fire anyone who was responsible for the leak.

And Tropical Depression Dennis passed through the Midwest while further south, on the Gulf, they were trying to dig out from the affects of Hurricane Dennis. And even while cleanup was going on, another storm was brewing in the Atlantic; Emily. It was going to be a busy Hurricane season.

And that’s a small slice of what went on, this July 12th 2005 as reported by CBS Radio Hourly News.

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