Robert Downey Jr. - August 2000

Robert Downey Jr. - rise, fall and rise.

August 2, 2000 – Wildfires In The West – Robert Downey Jr. Out Of Prison – Firestone Tires And Deadly Accidents.

Robert Downey Jr. - August 2000
Robert Downey Jr. – rise, fall and rise.
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August 2, 2000 – Fire season was upon us, in a big way. Wildfires were busy scorching the Northwest and were so out of control, the U.S. Forest Service was considering soliciting help from Australia and Mexico to help in battling the fires which had so far destroyed some 660,00 acres and was threatening homes in parts of Wyoming, Montana and Nevada. Canada was already sending firefighters in to battle the wildfires which had no end in sight.

Meanwhile – Actor Robert Downey Jr. was being released from Prison. A state appeals court agreed that Downey had already served more than enough of his three-year sentence for repeated probation violations as well as drug and weapons charges. He had been scheduled for release in November, but the court ruled the judge made mistakes in issuing Downey’s sentence. He was ordered released on $5,000 bail, pending a final ruling. And late this day, the one-time Oscar-nominee walked free from Corcoran State Prison.

Word from California Power company Pacific Gas and Electric was the company and it’s customers had “dodged a bullet” and they won’t have to resort to rolling blackouts, at least not this day. California was going through a dramatic heatwave with temperatures soaring, causing power consumption at record levels.

And Federal officials were looking into allegations that some problems with Firestone Tires had been deadly. With the reports that Firestone Tires ATX and Wilderness models, which were common on Ford Explorers and other SUV’s. Advocacy groups were wondering why there had been no recall, since the tread separating from the body of the tire and were the cause of several fatal accidents. Ford Motor Company were conducting their own investigations, while Bridgestone/Firestone were offering their customers free inspections at their company-owned service centers, and if there were problems, the tire maker said it will make good with their customers.

And that’s a little of what went on, this August 2nd 2000 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup; Late Edition.

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