Not Finding The Humor

1979 - That creeping cynicism - that strange nostalgia.

Not Finding The Humor
1979 – That creeping cynicism – that strange nostalgia.

KRTH-Los Angeles – October 1979 – London & Engelman Show – Rob Frankel Collection –

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Uh-oh – you’re getting to that point where you’re starting to miss things. Some people call it nostalgia. You just wonder where it all went. The 70s were your decade – even though you were born in the 60s, you don’t remember too much further than ten years ago. You remember when life was simple – you and your bike, you and your skateboard, you and your buddies, you and your good times. It’s all strange now – things look different. People look different. People laugh at things you don’t think are funny – you laugh at things and people look at you like you’re going to explode. You’re not on the same wavelength – like you’re from a different planet and it all happened while you were asleep. Maybe you’re the one who’s normal and it all happened to them while they were asleep. You saw Invasion Of The Body Snatchers, you know it could happen. So maybe you’re the weird one? That’s something you hadn’t thought about. Maybe everybody else is normal and somebody put the pod in your room when you were asleep. That might explain a lot. Doesn’t explain why you all of a sudden feel nostalgic over Disco. You tried wearing a Polyester shirt once, and those platform shoes almost broke your ankles – you’re one of the few people on the planet who actually didn’t go around snorting coke – but that was high school – all your friends smoked dope anyway, you couldn’t afford Philadelphia Marching Powder. But if you could . . .

Just to refresh your memory and to offer you a slice of what “oldies stations” were up to in 1979, heading to the end of a decade, here’s a 45 minute snapshot of London & Engelman from K-Earth 101, originally broadcast in October of 1979 and courtesy of the Rob Frankel Collection who gets a big hat-tip and thanks for the great sounds!

Hit the play button and fall back in time for a few.

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