Jacqueline Dulac - Three by . . .
Jacqueline Dulac - A career in fits and starts - and then there was the incident with the lions . . .

Three By Jacqueline Dulac – 1967 – Past Daily Nights At The Round Table –

Jacqueline Dulac - Three by . . .

Jacqueline Dulac – A career in fits and starts – and then there was the incident with the lions . . .

Jacqueline Dulac – Three from Special Bobino 70 – 1967 – RCA Victor – France –

A detour with some French Chanson to close the weekend out via Jacqueline Dulac. Not particularly well known in the States, Dulac has had a wide and varied career, starting in the early 1960s on the cabaret circuit before landing a record deal in 1963. Failing to chart, she continued working and building an audience and eventually switched record labels (to RCA Victor), and by 1966 having scored a series of hits as well as winning a Charles Cros Academy award for her debut album in 1968.

A winning streak marred by a freak accident in 1969, which sidelined her career for a few years as she recovered from what was a lion attack during a photo shoot in June of 1969. In what was supposed to be a shoot for an upcoming album cover, Dulac agreed to sit alone with four lions in a cage. One of them decided to pounce on her, quickly joined by the other three and Dulac came very close to losing her life before being rescued by her manager, but not before she sustained major injuries resulting in her being hospitalized for the better part of a year before she makes a full recovery.

When she does, the album (for which the cover almost cost her her life) was issued. Rather than go with the original title “Le Lion” it’s changed to Bobino ’70: It’s Wonderful To Live. Three tracks from that album are on the player tonight: Quane, Avoire 20 ans and Qui Paris, c’est ca.

Her career resumed and she toured extensively as well as released a string of successful singles and albums between the early 70s and early 80’s. She is still active, though at 85 isn’t singing nearly as much. But these three tracks gives you some idea of what Jacqueline Dulac was doing during the first phase of her career.

Take a break and have a listen – and then brace yourself for the coming week.

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