Hurricane Danny

Hurricane Danny - leaving the familiar calling card.

August 15, 1985 – Danny Arrives – Canada Recalls An Ambassador – General Foods Recalls Liederkranz.

Hurricane Danny
Hurricane Danny – leaving the familiar calling card.
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August 15, 1985 – Hurricane Danny made landfall. With 90 mile an hour winds, Danny slammed midway between Lake Charles and Lafayette Louisiana. 30,000 people had been evacuated from offshore drilling rigs and towns as far south as Galveston Texas. The strong winds and heavy rains knocked out power to many thousands of people as Danny pushed its way to the Southwest corner of the state, near Cameron. Most people left the path of the storm, but as is always the case, there were those diehards who saw a Hurricane as a challenge – and invariably they were the ones needing to be rescued. Hurricane season was in full swing.

Meanwhile, in another part of the world; Canada was recalling its Ambassador to South Africa, in the midst of increased violence and crackdowns and refusal to negotiate with the Black Majority by the government of P.W. Botha. Later on in the day, Botha was expected to propose changes to allow Blacks some form of power sharing in the new government. Botha’s party expressed deep concerns over what he was trying to do – many indicated something needed to be done, but didn’t want much to be done. The Right-Wing, that broke away from Botha’s party several years ago weren’t saying he be aware of the White backlash and he mustn’t go too far or too fast, they were saying he mustn’t go anywhere at all.

And there has been a nationwide recall of Leiderkranz Cheese, made by the Fisher Cheese Company and distributed by General Foods. The reason for the recall was bacteria linked to 61 deaths in 7 Western states were found in a batch of the cheese. However, there was no evidence that the cheese had been delivered to stores, but the company wasn’t taking any chances.

And that’s a little of what went on, this August 15th in 1985 as reported by CBS Radio News.

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