1977 and you can still do the Bump.but for how long? And what's this about Pogoing?

It’s 1977 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Music Is Starting To Confuse You – You Are Not Alone.

1977 and you can still do the Bump, but for how long? And what’s this about Pogoing?
[laterpay_premium_download target_post_id=”46087″ heading_text=”Download For $1.99:” description_text=”KTNQ – 5:00pm-6:00 pm – January 30, 1977 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection” content_type=”link”]

1977 – Confusing times, when you think about it – especially if you’re a teenager and not want to be considered a relic of some bygone era. Disco was your formative years – you’ve had platform shoes since 8th grade – and you got those when you stopped wearing patched jeans and denim shirts and listening to The Eagles and you convinced your mom to let you go shopping at Zeidler & Zeidler with her credit card for your birthday. No turning back for you. Your closet is a testament to Polyester and you got Best Dressed in your yearbook this year.

But something’s happening – you hear rumors. There’s this thing called Punk that’s been going on in England since the year before and you’ve been hearing about The Ramones from New York, and you’re starting to wonder if Disco is dying. You’ve read the articles and you’ve seen the news – these people look pretty hardcore. You’ve heard they spit on each other a lot and fights break out all the time. The music is fast and loud and there’s a lot of screaming at clubs with people bouncing all over and slamming into each other. Everything’s dirty, but it’s loud and it’s intense and you kind of like it.

But what are you gonna do with all your clothes? You just spent a fortune on that electric green crushed velvet suit with matching platform shoes and Midnight Blue Yves St. Laurent shirt – that was three weeks pay from Ralph’s, bagging groceries. But Disco isn’t really doing it for you anymore. But not all of your friends feel the same way. Some of them are Country-Western freaks and get into Line Dancing – you could never do that. You’re going to have to start hanging out in Hollywood on the weekends and find out where you can buy some Doc Martens. You hated those wide ties anyway – and face it, Polyester shirts made you sweat gallons.

Who said Popular culture was easy?

Here is a one-hour slice of KTNQ from January 30, 1977 – touted as “The New Ten-Q”, it was an AM station as well as FM and it was one of the last bastions of Top-40 in Los Angeles in the 70s. Big changes were just around the corner and it was just getting warmed up.

For a sample of what 1977 was sounding like, at least on the Top-40 side – crank this one up and get movin’!

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