The Leisure Society - Live at FIP - 2013

The Leisure Society - Consistent critical acclaim, even from the beginning.

The Leisure Society - Live at FIP - 2013
The Leisure Society – Consistent critical acclaim, even from the beginning.

The Leisure Society – Live At FIP – FIP Studios, Paris – March 28, 2013 – Radio France FIP –

The Leisure Society, in a studio concert for Radio France and their then-Rock/Jazz/Eclectica outlet FIP in Paris, broadcast live on March 28, 2013.

Digging through old files earlier today, I ran across this concert, which I had recorded when it was first broadcast in 2013. Sometimes you get overwhelmed – the amount of music and laudable artists can be daunting and almost impossible to spend much time listening to when you have anywhere from 20-40 sessions and concerts to audition. Often, you overdose and stop; promising yourself you will resume shortly and get everything done you set out to do. Problem with that is – the sessions and the concerts and the new bands and artists keep coming – so what was taking a break at 10 bands quickly swells to another 20 bands and you’re right back at square one. This is the overwhelming part about having access to streaming audio and the wealth of radio stations throughout the world who broadcast new talent each and every day. It’s the good part about all this and sometimes it’s the frustrating part.

That’s not saying everybody is genius – far from it. But there are those bands you intend to listen to, that you heard a sample of, or read somewhere about, and you swear up and down you’re going to listen them all the way through. Well, this set is from 2013 – and six years later, I have finally gotten around to it. Not only do I regret not stopping everything at the time and spending a lot of time with this one, I also regret it took me six years to listen to a very top-notch and thoroughly engrossing band. And of course, it also features founding member Nick Hemming, who was also a founding member of another desert-island band; The Telescopes.

So – my bad. Luckily everyone is still together, having five albums to their credit and a string of critical as well as commercial successes. Most definitely a band you should become familiar with – you can buy their albums here at the Willkommen Records site.

This particular gig sounds sensational – the French engineers went into overdrive on this one, and the end result is pretty spectacular – so the music is great and the presentation is wonderful. Great combination.

Just crank this one up and don’t plan on doing anything for the next hour or so. Seriously.

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