While withdrawal in Beirut, Terrorist bombing in Paris

Paris - Amid thumbs-up in Beirut - car bombs in Paris.

August 21, 1982 – Beirut: Fragile Nature Of A Truce – Car Bombs In Paris – Crackdown In Lima.

Terrorist bombing in Paris
Paris – Amid thumbs-up in Beirut – car bombs in Paris.
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August 21, 1982 – News from Beirut, Paris and Lima, Peru this day. In Beirut, the fragile nature of a truce and the evacuation withdrawal of PLO troops was momentarily marred by the capture of an Israeli citizen by Palestinians. As the first 400 PLO fighters were boarding a ship heading out of Lebanon, news of the capture threatened to derail the evacuation almost as soon as it got started. But the matter was settled when the man was turned over to American mediators and the evacuation resumed. The evacuation plan, devised by U.S. enjoy Philip Habib had begun in what was described as more of a victory celebration than a withdrawal. The streets of West Beirut erupted in gunfire as evacuating troops fired into the air and streets were lined with well-wishers tossing flowers and rice at the first 400 made their way to waiting ships for passage out of the area. The move and the withdrawal were met with cautious optimism, but given a rousing thumbs-up by all concerned.

Meanwhile, a bomb planted in the car of an American diplomat parked near the Eiffel Tower went off as it was being diffused, killing one Police officer and wounding two others. The French leftist group Direct Action was taking credit for the bombing.

In Lima Peru, a crackdown on leftists was begun by Police in the South American capitol. Leftist groups had claimed responsibility for a series of bombings in Lima. The day before, the government declared a state of emergency and suspended most constitutional rights in the city.

And AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland denounced President Reagan’s economic politics in an interview over the Voice Of America. Kirkland said the President’s politics showed blatant favoritism for the rich and powerful, abandoning the needs of the working person. He left little doubt that Reagan was not be getting the endorsement of the AFofL-CIO if the President seeks a second term.

An that’s just a little of what happened, this August 21st in 1982 as reported by Rob Armstrong and the CBS Hourly News.

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