OJ Simpson Trial - August 1995

OJ Simpson Trial - in the manner of the all-encompassing yawn.

August 22, 1995 – Dog Days Of Mayhem – Crash Wreckage – Trial Of The Century – Bombs Over Bosnia.

OJ Simpson Trial - August 1995
OJ Simpson Trial – in the manner of the all-encompassing yawn.
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August 22, 1995 – A normal day, by all accounts – The crash of a commuter plane, many of the 24 passengers miraculously survived, but most were listen in serious or critical condition. Five died in the crash, including the pilot. FAA inspectors were poring over cockpit flight recorders and black boxes looking for clues and to pinpoint a cause. It was third such crash in 10 months.

Meanwhile, the “Trial of The Century” was lumbering along – the new wrinkle being the release of the audio tapes of Mark Fuhrman, one of the lead detectives in the OJ Simpson murder investigation. Furhman was on tape making numerous racist and disparaging remarks and defense wanted those tapes, or at least parts of them, to be released to the jurors. Judge Ito was weighing the pros and cons and the objections made by prosecution to release the tapes. More downtime was promised during the trial, as Ito pored over the tapes.

ABC News apologized on the air for a report it had aired saying the Tobacco industry was intentionally putting more nicotine in cigarettes as a way of increasing likelihood of addiction from smokers. Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds sued the Network from some $10 billion. The network settled and aired a retraction – but the News Division stood by their story and the producer and original correspondent on the story refused to sign the agreement. Life spun curiously on.

And Sarajevo was rocked again this day by new shelling. One woman was killed and at least 14 others were wounded in this latest round of attacks. Earlier, six Egyptian Peacekeppers were wounded when a shell believed to be fired by Bosnian Serbs hit their observation post.

And that’s a small slice of what went on, this August 22, 1995 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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