To Dance - Like No One Is Watching

To Dance - Like No One Is Watching.

It’s 1979 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – The Night Belongs To You . . . You Just Don’t Know It.

To Dance - Like No One Is Watching
To Dance – Like No One Is Watching.
[laterpay_premium_download target_post_id=”46175″ heading_text=”Download For $1.99:” description_text=”KLOS – Frazier Smith – 8:30-9:30 am – September 28, 1979 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection” content_type=”link”]

It’s 1979 – September. School has started. You’re already a month in but you’re exhausted. You fall asleep in class all the time. Your teachers are noticing. You’ve discovered Madame Wong’s and Gorki’s and The Atomic Cafe and you don’t have time to go to sleep at night; there’s too much going on. You’ve been up for four days straight and even you notice things are a little strange. But you don’t care – you don’t want to miss anything. Yeah, there’s that much going on. If it isn’t the Strip it’s Downtown – and if it isn’t Downtown it’s Club 88 on Pico – and there’s all-night bowling. And you always have homework – maybe because you’re a senior you have all these assignments. And you’re supposed to start your job at McDonald’s at the end of the month. How are you gonna work all this? Is this what being an adult, living in L.A. is supposed to be about? Is this a Preview of Coming Attractions? All the things you want to do and all the things you have to do and they have nothing in common except they all occupy your brain and every minute of your life at the same time?

But you ask yourself; has L.A. always been this way? Does life all of a sudden get really exciting once you hit 17? Or maybe that it’s 1979? You don’t really know – all you do know is that there’s not enough time to do everything and you’re going to have to go to sleep at some point. Your friends tell you nobody ever died from lack of sleep – but watching trees run across the Santa Monica Freeway last night has you freaked out.

Maybe you should only take one Black Beauty instead of three next time . . .

Meanwhile, here is an hour’s worth of Frazier Smith from KLOS, exactly as he was heard on September 28, 1979 from 8:30-9:30 in the morning.

Bon apetit!

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