Monthly Archive: September 2019

The Charlottes - In Session - John Peel - 1989 0

The Charlottes – In Session – 1989 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Charlottes – in session for John Peel – Recorded at Maida Vale – September 21, 1989 – broadcast October 18 – BBC Radio 1 – Patrons – Subscribe and get freebies: Become a Patron! The Charlottes in their first and only session for John Peel to start off the...

FDR - Fireside Chat 1934 0

September 30, 1934 – FDR Has A Few Words About Government

Patrons and Subscribers: Become a Patron! President Roosevelt Fireside Chat – Recovery, Banks and Government – September 30, 1934 News for this day had much to do with the continuing efforts at recovery, stability and getting America back to work – trying to undo the tangle of economic collapse and...

Marcello Boasso aka: Principe Kalender 0

Marcello Boasso A.K.A. Principe Kalender Plays The Music Of Principe Kalendar – 1947 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Principe Kalender Plays Principe Kalender -1. La Muerte del Rusiñor 2. El Cisne y La Rosa 3. El Prodigio de las Campanasde Simbirsk 4. Impromptu en Mi Menor – Odeon Records, Argentina – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Patrons/subscribers can download for free (hint,hint): Become a Patron! A rarity as...

The Penguins (w/Johnny Otis) - Camel Rock n'Roll Dance Party - June 1956 2

The Penguins – Dori Anne Grey – Count Basie – Alan Freed – Camel Rock n’ Roll Dance Party – 1956 – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

Patrons can download this by for free by subscribing: Become a Patron! Rock n’ Roll history this weekend, in the form of Alan Freed’s Camel Rock n’ Roll Dance Party from CBS Radio on June 9,1956. One of network radio’s few forays into the early days of Rock n’ Roll,...

Louis Armstrong 0

Louis Armstrong, Theresa Harris, Red Callender, Sonny Woods – On The Air – 1943 – Past Daily Downbeat

Jubilee – Armed Forces Radio – May 24, 1943 – Louis Armstrong, Theresa Harris, Red Callender, Sonny Woods – Gordon Skene Sound Collection – Jumping into some wartime Big Band this weekend with a broadcast via Armed Forces Radio of the legendary Jubilee program from 1943. This one featuring the...

Arroyo High - El Monte - 1965 0

It’s Spring 1965 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your Life Is In The Realm Of The Absolutes, And KRLA Knows It.

KRLA – Dave Hull – May 29, 1965 – Ellis Feaster Collection – Subscribers get cool perks – so become a subscriber for as little as a buck a month: Become a Patron! Spring 1965 – You don’t know it now, but your life is in the process of changing...