Henry Kissinger - Confirmation Hearings

Henry Kissinger at Confirmation Hearings - A promise of closer consultation on Foreign Policy.

September 9, 1973 – Congress Gets Bad Marks – Kissinger Makes A Pitch – Nixon And The Energy Crisis.

Henry Kissinger - Confirmation Hearings
Henry Kissinger at Confirmation Hearings – A promise of closer consultation on Foreign Policy.
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September 9, 1973 – the end of a busy week and a look back at the events of that week. Congress was returning from its August recess with a full plate on its hands, including a bad report card from President Nixon. High on that list was the coming energy crisis, which the President was sending over a revised State Of The Union for Congress to consider. The White House was considering various plans for the U.S. to depend less on foreign oil, attempting to avert an energy crisis. It was estimated that it would take from 3-5 years for America to become less dependent on the current suppliers of oil, but even that might not be achievable. The issue had significant importance in the Middle East, where leaders who had gathered in Aman to discuss a wide range of issues facing Arab nations. One was the issue of Israel, which many at the conference felt needed to be resolved, lest the Arab world be involved in sweeping revolutions across the region. This, all hot on the heels of a disclosure that five Saudi Arabian diplomats had been kidnapped by five Arab guerrillas.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee opened hearings on the confirmation of Dr. Henry Kissinger for Secretary of State. The Committee heard a promise of closer consultation on Foreign Policy. The hearings adjourned for the weekend on a note of potential dispute – the Committee’s demand to see Justice Department reports on wire-taps of some of Kissinger’s aides. But it seemed unlikely that a new confrontation would be likely.

And the Watergate situation remained on the back-burners this week, with the Senate Committee warming up for more public hearings in the coming week. President Nixon filed an appeal against Judge Sirica’s ruling on the tapes. Vice-President Agnew complained there were too many around Washington preoccupied with the Watergate story, and on the West Coast former White House Aides John Ehrlichman, Dick Young and Egil Krough, plus convicted Watergate burglar Gordon Liddy were indicted on charges in connection with the burglary of the office of Daniel Ellsberg’s Psychiatrist.

And that’s just a sample of what went on, this week ending September 9, 1973 as reported by CBS Radio’s The World This Week.

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