New York Skyline - September 10, 2001

New York skyline at night - September 10, 2001 - The last thing on anyone's minds was how it was all about to change.

September 10, 2001 – The Day Before It Changed. A Day Of Stunning Normalcy.

New York Skyline - September 10, 2001
New York skyline at night – September 10, 2001 – The last thing on anyone’s minds was how it was all about to change.
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September 10, 2001 – In retrospect, a day almost stunning in its normalcy and lack of drama – a day so much like so many others that it came and went and barely anyone noticed. A day with business as usual – a day where the lead story was a Capitol Hill investigation into dietary supplements and promises of a longer life being largely the stuff of myth. The plague of distracted drivers, doing everything from eating while driving and applying makeup to habitual cellphone use.

Word from Salisbury North Carolina that Elizabeth Dole was going to announce her intention to run for the Senate seat vacated by Jesse Helms on the 11th. From The University of Alabama came word that it remained the last college in the South where no Black student had ever joined a traditionally White Fraternity or Sorority. It wasn’t for lack of trying, it was that nobody wanted to be the first Black Student in Alabama’s history to be accepted by a White Sorority. The University said they would not impose mandatory integration. They said students could choose whomever they pleased.

And news that The Supreme Court might have gone the other way in its historic decision that gave George Bush the Presidency was disclosed this day. The court decided to halt a partial recount in Florida. Newsweek reporter David Kaplan disclosed that David Souter, in a talk with Prep-School students, that he might have swayed the decision if he had one more day; just 24 more hours, to persuade Justice Anthony Kennedy to flip over his vote to the dissenter’s side so that the 5-4 ruling would have been in Al Gore’s favor, not Bush’s.

And that’s how this day went, September 10, 2001 – before it all changed and whatever issues were of primary importance on the 10th somehow paled by comparison to the 11th. History is just like that.

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