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Eddie Money – Live At My Father’s Place – 1978 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Tribute Edition

Eddie Money (1949-2019)
Eddie Money (1949-2019) Synonymous with MTV and American New-Wave/Pop.

Eddie Money – live at My Father’s Place – WLIR-FM – February 25, 1978 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

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Eddie Money (1949-2019) – more sad news this year – another one goes, another one passes from the scene. Although he had a string of hits in the late 70s through the early 80s, and jump-started a stalled career in 1986, owing to some wretched excess, Eddie Money will always be known as the guy who gave us Baby, Hold On and Two Tickets To Paradise. Were they anthems for late 70s America? Maybe – Unlike the UK and the underground in the States, the mainstream was still a place that gave us love songs and catchy hooks and immaculate production – it was part of the Pop Culture framework, and was certainly fodder for a fledgling MTV. Eddie Money embraced the skinny-tie ethos; cut along the same lines as The Knack and many Pop practitioners of the late 70s. It was Music that didn’t try to address the social ills of the day – or try to bring a message to the proceedings – it just offered well constructed tunes that burned an impression on the psyche and became part of our social makeup at the time.

Eddie Money’s career spanned almost four decades and counted for some 10 albums to his credit. In recent years he branched out and was acting more, and was even the subject of a reality TV show at the time of his death. He continued performing all the way until this past Summer when his Cancer diagnosis compelled him to cancel a planned tour. Unlike many artists from the period, Eddie Money continued to have a loyal following and did brisk business in ticket sales.

But all that’s over now. Whatever impression we initially had from the music of Eddie Money, he was an artist and he made some indelible impressions during a period of time when things were flying in a million different directions – the one constant was the love song. Eddie Money was background music to a lot of promises and moments – and that’s not going to go out of fashion any lifetime soon.

Thanks for the lovely notes and words. We will always be indebted to you.

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