Arroyo High - El Monte - 1965

Even your hair was the absolute best or absolute worst.

It’s Spring 1965 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Your Life Is In The Realm Of The Absolutes, And KRLA Knows It.

Arroyo High - El Monte - 1965
Even your hair was the absolute best or absolute worst.

KRLA – Dave Hull – May 29, 1965 – Ellis Feaster Collection –

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Spring 1965 – You don’t know it now, but your life is in the process of changing – and changing big time. Maybe it’s the world and maybe it’s just you – whatever it is, your life is now in the realm of the absolutes; everything that happens to you is either the absolute best it’s ever going to be or the absolute worst it’s ever going to get. You have no middle ground. Somebody told it was going to be like that, but you didn’t believe them – now you’re right in the middle of it. You feel kind of awkward; clothes are fitting weird – they were great yesterday, they feel strange and itchy today. And your face – where did all the pimples suddenly come from? You hate your hair and you’re convinced you will never be popular, or even liked in school. You can’t concentrate on homework – you are convinced you’re an idiot and you’ve been tripping over things lately, especially during passing period where everybody looks at you skidding into hallway lockers.

But then it changes – suddenly life is amazing – you have this future that you can’t put your finger on, but you know it’s there and it’s bright and full of amazing things – and you just want to meet someone, and it will be summer soon and you are determined to spend the entire Summer Vacation at the beach. You’re going to get your Learner’s Permit this semester and you’re taking Drivers Ed. Once you get a car . . . freedom.

And then it changes – You’ve tried learning how to drive, it was a disaster. You have no money, how are you going to get a car? Not on the 50 cents week allowance you’re getting – you’ve been asking for a raise, but your dad gives you stink-eye and your mom changes the subject. No hope – you’re doomed. Life will pass you by and you won’t notice. Story of your life.

Welcome to the realm of the Absolutes.

But there’s always Dave Hull and there will always be KRLA – and 1965 has a lot of possibilities.

Here’s 45 minutes worth from May 29, 1965. Special thanks to Ellis Feaster.

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