Eisenhower with Press Sec. Hagarty - 1959

Eisenhower with Press Secretary Hagarty - Anatomy of a full Political plate.

October 1, 1959 – Strikes – The Aftermath Of Gracie – Humiliation For The Dodgers – No Blatz n’ Pabst.

Eisenhower with Press Sec. Hagarty - 1959
Eisenhower with Press Secretary Hagarty – Anatomy of a full Domestic plate.
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October 1, 1959 was no box of chocolates. Strikes were the big news. First was the ongoing Steel Strike, becoming the longest in history. President Eisenhower ordered everyone back to the bargaining table to keep trying for a resolution. And then, literally overnight, The Longshoremen went on strike, idling some 100,000 dock workers and spreading up and down the East Coast of the U.S. However, a New York local rebelled against the strike and ordered its workers back the following day. Now there were two huge strikes; Waterfront, added to the Steel Strike. Labor woes were mounting, strikes were everywhere.

The South was still digging out from the aftermath of Hurricane Gracie and a Gas tank explosion sent some 2 1/2 million gallons of gasoline in a wall of flame across what would have been a busy highway, had it not been early in the morning when only 9 minor injuries resulted.

The 1959 World Series was making news – the Chicago White Sox came from underdog to top-dog, beating the Los Angeles Dodgers 11-0, with the Dodgers suffering a humiliating defeat through a series of unbelievable blunders, starting in the third inning. The Dodgers suffered the worst first game defeat in World Series history.

News of anti-trust action over the proposed merger of Pabst Beer and Blatz Beer. The justice Department demanded dissolution of the merger, charging the action would be in violation of the laws against monopoly. The Merger, which happened in February constituted an elimination of competition between the two breweries and brought about a suit by the Justice Department to dissolve the merger.

And, it should be noted – the 1960 Rocket 88 Oldsmobile was going on sale this October 1st, with dealer showrooms unveiling what would be the latest in American automotive design. Popular culture, yes – but America was the preeminent auto manufacturer in the world – and the 60s started off with a bang.

That, and a lot more via this edition of the legendary Lowell Thomas And The News for October 1, 1959.

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