High School - Brooklyn - 1963

Spring and a feast of giddy.

It’s May 1963 – You’re A Teenager – You’re In New York – Your Leader Is BMR

High School - Brooklyn - 1963
Spring and a feast of giddy.

WMCA – B. Mitchel Reed – May, 1963 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

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Here you are; Spring, 1963. You’re a teenager and the world is loaded with possibilities. Maybe that it’s just not Winter anymore. Maybe it’s people mowing their lawns, and warm sun and warm breezes and that smell filling your head. There are a lot of birds out – it’s all that. It’s sounds and it’s smells that you hadn’t experienced since last year. Oh yeah – last year; October. You’re a long way from the Cuban Missile crisis – you almost forgot, it could have been the last century compared to how it is now. Back then everyone was worried there might not have been a tomorrow to count on. Supermarket shelves were bare – everyone was stocking up on food and they didn’t really know why. But that’s all past now – another life. It’s not like that now, not like that today, this minute. You’re wearing a lighter jacket now – you don’t have layers and boots and scarves – you hear rumors it’s going to hit 65. And you start thinking about Summer. You start thinking about your dad’s two week vacation and how he promised everyone you were going to The Grand Canyon this year. You haven’t been out West – haven’t been West of St. Louis. One day you’ll go all the way to Los Angeles. Maybe someday you’ll move to Los Angeles. But you’d miss your friends. But that’s way off – some other day. The world can change by then – right now it has Spring and it has possibilities and that’s where you want to be – where you are; right now.

And to go along with that, your leader – BMR, one of the WMCA Good Guys, providing the backdrop for this day in May of 1963 – almost a whole half-hour’s worth – a little frantic towards the end because, whoever taped it at the time was running out of tape, so it gets a little disjointed by the end. But it’s BMR and it’s May and it’s 1963 – and it doesn’t get too much better than that.

Fall in and enjoy.

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