The funeral was mock. The sentiments were real.

October 7, 1967 – Body Bags In Vietnam – Death Of Hippy: Funeral In The Haight

The funeral was mock. The sentiments were real.
The funeral was mock. The sentiments were real.
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Another day with the world slightly askew, this October 7th in 1967. Reports that, despite claims the rebels in Biafra were a thing of the past, explosions were heard in the Nigerian Capitol of Lagos and speculation all the fighting was not over.

In Vietnam, continued bombing missions over North Vietnam and fighting on the ground. No losses claimed and no downed aircraft, but 9 claimed losses in ground fighting.

Squabbles between the President and vice-President of Vietnam escalated. Seems the powers surrounding President Thieu and vice-President Ky were at each others throats, thus making for no harmony in Saigon.

Renewed calls on Capitol Hill for an invasion of North Vietnam, but with the increasing disenchantment with how the war was being waged, those calls were only wishful carps from a rapidly shrinking minority.

And the Haight-Ashbury district in San Francisco was scene of the Death Of Hippie funeral and march. The funeral, held the day before on October 6th, was a reaction to what was seen by many in the movement as an end to the ideals and sentiments of The Summer of Love only months before. Trivialized in the mainstream media, the serious underpinnings were very apparent. The Hippy Movement, once a popular concept behind social change was becoming corrupted and hi-jacked by those with less-than-virtuous ideals,not to mention increasing protests to the Vietnam War. The criminal element was getting involved in the Drug culture and a creeping violence was taking over the once-peaceful streets of The Haight. It was time to bid all that farewell and go on to other things. However, a lot of people didn’t get the memo and the onslaught of people, tantalized by the concept of Free Love and “it’s free because it’s yours” continued their trek towards Mecca on the West Coast, and things just started to slide south.

And that’s how October 7th rolled in 1967 as reported over ABC Radio’s News Around The World.

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