The Holy - photo: Tero Ahonen
The Holy - Coining the phrase "Nordic By Nature" - but that ain't the half of it.

The Holy – Live At Flow Festival 2019 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders

The Holy - photo: Tero Ahonen

The Holy – Coining the phrase “Nordic By Nature” – but that ain’t the half of it.(Photo: Tero Ahonen)

The Holy – Live At Flow Festival 2019 – Finnish Radio –

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The Holy, live at the recent Flow Festival in Helsinki on August 8th. The Holy are a Finnish band, together since 2014. For purposes of “kinda-sounds-like”, they “kinda sound like” Arcade Fire (in places, but not a lot). For a little background on the band (in case you aren’t familiar) the website Clash Music ran an article last year on the occasion of the release of their debut album. Here’s an excerpt of that review:

The band’s debut album ‘Daughter’ was released on September 21st, a record some three years in the making.

New song ‘Fanfare III’ leans back to those formative sessions, a time when the group was in flux, unsure of which direction to take.

Opening with flat out caustic indie rock noize, ‘Fanfare III’ then comes to a shuddering halt before being reborn as an intense yet nonetheless melodic piece of songwriting.

Frontman Eetu Henrik Iivari explains: “This song is actually one of the first songs we did back in 2014 when the band was originally formed, so it’s kind of an old one but new to the audience today. We have played it sometimes live and it feels really good to release it now. There is so much darkness in it but at the same so much hope and joy. Total modern bliss.”

He continues: “It’s kind of a story of me opening my eyes for the evils of the world thru my everyday dreams. Like, if I aim to get into them – I need the world to exist and to be dozen times better for everyone in the future. Humans are so selfish overall and I believe that the urge for change has to be connected into those selfish levels to proceed further. That happened to me and it can sure happen to others as well…”

That’s a little background on this quite extraordinary band  you should keep an eye on. I suspect we’ll be hearing much more about them in the coming months/years. Just a hunch.

In the meantime, crank it up.

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  1. John Grant says:

    Great stuff, Gordon: many thanks (and for yesterday’s Elbow session). The Holy remind me a bit too of Simple Minds and Hothouse Flowers.