Ross Perot - A man and his charts.

Professor Perot - A man And His Charts.

October 17,1992 – Professor Perot And The Horse Race To The White House

Ross Perot - A man and his charts.
Professor Perot – A man And His Charts.
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October 17, 1992 – Campaign ’92 – sprinting to the finish line with many days left to go. Independent candidate Ross Perot, in one of his nationally televised campaign addresses, used his trusty pie-charts to explain the economic mess the country was in and his proposals to dig America out of it. His proposals contained a number of bitter pills, but his bleak outlook did capture a healthy chunk of voters, much to the frustration of President Bush (Bush 1), who was straddled with the ghost of “Read My Lips” and the lingering arguments over Desert Storm. The Bush campaign took the avenue of Character, hoping that would turn things around. Meanwhile, Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was busily prepping for what would be the last Presidential debate before the election. In his place, vice-Presidential candidate Al Gore took to stumping in Louisiana, an otherwise Red state the Democrats were betting could be turned Blue in November. After that, a swing through Michigan, a battleground state where Clinton and Gore hoped to turn economic despair into Democratic votes. On the GOP side, while Bush was cramming for the debate, vice-President Dan Quayle was busy in Texas, hoping to snag that state for the Republicans.

Meanwhile, reports were coming in of a 6.6 earthquake hitting Colombia, centered just northwest of the city of Medellin. Initial reports of damage but no reports of deaths – a breaking story.

In Baghdad, UN weapons inspectors were busy conducting a new search for Scud missiles, rumored to be hidden by Saddam Hussein, leftover from the war. The fifty member UN team set out from their hotel on buses, declining to let reporters, or the Iraqis know were they were planning on looking.

And Attorney General William Barr, besieged by calls from Democrats for a court appointed Special Prosecutor to look into the Loans for Iraq case. Barr went part way and named his own Special Counsel to investigate the Justice Department’s handling of the case involving fraudulent bank loans to Iraq. Former Federal Judge Frederick Lacey, who told reporters he had accepted the job only on one condition: Complete access to every file and every document that was developed in the course of the matter as well as every individual who had done any work on this case. The Justice Department and the CIA had been accused of failing to conduct a full investigation into the case involving $4 billion in illicit loans to Iraq. Democrats voiced objections that the Attorney General should not be appointing his own investigator since the Justice Department was the target of the investigation.

And that’s just a little of what happened, this October 17, 1992 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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