The House Of Love - in session BBC 6 Music 2007

The House Of Love - add to the ever-growing list of bafflingly underrated.

The House of Love – In Session – 2007 -Past Daily Soundbooth

The House Of Love - in session BBC 6 Music 2007
The House Of Love – add to the ever-growing list of bafflingly underrated.

The House Of Love – In Session – BBC 6 Music – October 25, 2007 – BBC

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The House Of love in session from October 25, 2007 for BBC 6 Music.

I don’t think I am every going to fully understand why some bands and artists are showered with undeserved attention while others quietly trudge along, being severely overlooked and criminally underrated. Doesn’t seem fair, but it’s the Music Business after all – fairness and artistic merit have virtually nothing in common with each other. I remember hearing about The House Of Love pretty consistently over the years, certainly since the late 1980s. To be fair, they haven’t been ignored completely in all that time. In fact, their first albums for Fontana were critical and commercial successes, with their third album Babe Rainbow doing very well in the UK album charts, as did their second album, self-titled and hitting Number 8 on the charts. They have been very popular in the UK, it’s the US that seems to be the ones unaware.

But after Babe Rainbow, the band went on a ten year hiatus, resurfacing in 2003.

The House of Love were formed in London in 1986 by singer-songwriter-guitarist Guy Chadwick and co-founder and lead guitarist Terry Bickers. They rose to prominence in 1987 with their first single “Shine On”, released on the independent label Creation. The following year, the band released their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album and built their reputation over the next few years through subsequent releases, constant touring and the support of English press. They signed with Fontana Records records in 1989 and met commercial success in 1990 with their second self-titled album, which peaked at number 8 in the UK albums chart. Their third album, Babe Rainbow, was favorably met by the critics in 1992 and also reached the top 40 in the UK.

The House of Love are best known for their detailed psychedelic guitar sound and for other singles such as “Christine” and “Destroy the Heart”. In the US, the songs “I Don’t Know Why I Love You”, “Marble” and “You Don’t Understand” were also popular on alternative rock radio stations, respectively reaching number two, number five and number nine on the Billboard Modern Rock chart. The House of Love disbanded in 1993. After a hiatus of 10 years, they reformed in 2003 with Bickers, who had performed on their two first albums. They have been cited as an influence by shoegazing bands Slowdive and Ride.

The session from 2007 coincides with the CD reissue of their 1988 debut album. In December 2012, The House of Love Official Facebook page confirmed that the band had recently completed a new studio album. The album was recorded with original members Chadwick, Bickers, Evans accompanied by bassist Matt Jury. In early 2013 the title was revealed as She Paints Words in Red; it was released in March by Cherry Red Records. The band kept touring the following years.

In 2018 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their debut album, the band embarked on a six date British tour in autumn, peaking with a headline show at the Roundhouse in London in November: they played the album in full.

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