When Teenage Dreams Go South

. . .and George was your favorite Beatle too . . .

It’s January 1966 – You Live In L.A. – You’re A Teenager – You Just Found Out Your Favorite Beatle Got Married Today.

When Teenage Dreams Go South
. . .and George was your favorite Beatle too . . .

KFWB – Reb Foster Show – January 21, 1966 – Ellis Feaster Collection –

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It’s January 21, 1966 – months to go before the next vacation. Classes seem to go on forever. You miss Summer. You hate the rain – you don’t like the cold – but you REALLY don’t like the news that Beatle George Harrison was getting married this day. You found out because Reb Foster at KFWB told you. Tragedy – he was your favorite Beatle too. The Quiet One. Who is this Patty Boyd? Of course you know; you’ve been reading about it for months, everybody knows. But you were hoping . . .

Life is jammed full of rude awakenings – no sure things, everything changes, nothing stays the same. Happy one day – miserable the next. You’re a simmering vat of feelings. Nobody understands you, but everybody is like you. You think your clothes don’t fit – you wish you could change your hair – you hate that it’s dark. Maybe you’ll dye it blonde this summer. You’re going to live at the beach – you have to lose weight. You have to stop eating. Well . . .maybe stop eating dinner – and lunch. But those Hostess Snowballs . . .You HAD to have a sweet tooth, didn’t you? What side of your family had the sweet tooth? Nobody on your mom’s side is fat, but your Uncle Harley on your dad’s side . . .he drinks too much and smokes a lot. You heard if you started smoking it would kill your appetite. You haven’t figured out what inhaling is all about – maybe you’ll just buy a pack of cigarettes and not inhale. But you don’t like smelling like cigarettes, especially when it gets on your clothes and stays there. George got married today. Maybe if you just stopped eating altogether . . . .

And for a taste of what January 21, 1966 sounded like and what Reb Foster was doing at KFWB – hit the play button and go time-traveling. It’s a good weekend to do it.

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